Thursday, January 22, 2015

1/22/15 Report - Some Treasure Coast Finds. Top November Posts. Gold And Silver Prices. Views On Pinpointers.

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Finds By Dan B.
Photo by Dan B.

I received this photo of finds from Dan B.  Here is what Dan said about his finds.

Today's finds include my first ever buffalo nickel, and a 43 
quarter. And what seems to be atwo-sided belt buckle.

Congratulations on your first buffalo nickel Dan.

A couple of days ago I posted some thoughts on pinpointers.  Sine then I made a video demonstrating the use of one pinpointer but have been having trouble getting it uploaded to the blog.  Maybe I'll manage to get it uploaded someday soon.

The most Google Plused post of November was the

11/5/14 Report - Update On Beach Conditions.   Time Upside Down, A Book About When Things Are Not Where They Are Supposed To Be.

When people use the Google Plus button, that helps me determine what people like.

And the most read post of November was the

11/14/14 Report - 2014 Treasure Coast Finds. 8 Reale Sells For Over Half Million Dollars. 19th Century Wreck Found. Valuable Explorer's Notebook Found

There are hundreds of posts in this blog and I generally leave them for a long time.  You can see the archive on the main page of the blog below the Reference Link List.  You can go back through years of posts.  You can also use the search box and enter key words to search the blog.

I let a month or so pass before reporting on the most read and most Plused posts because people continue to read them at a fair rate for a couple of months.


Along with the photo of his finds shown above, Dan B. sent these comments on pinpointers.

I am personally a big fan of using a pinpointer. I believe, at least for my type of inland hunting, that mine is invaluable. 

I dig smaller holes, I damage less valuable finds. I don't worry as much about live 

And I enjoy digging whole lot more.  I have no doubt that due to my reliance on such a 
tool, that I lack many tricks and skills. But you won't find me without mine due to weight restrictions. I would sooner leave my shovel.

I get to about a centimeter from my target, and I get to unearth slowly until I have 
identified what type of metal. If it is aluminum, or is rusty, I will dig and pry 
recklessly. But if I see something nicer, I can remove it from where it has been resting 
with the skill of a surgeon, but only because I knew exactly where it was before I saw it. 

Thanks for your views Dan.  I always benefit in one way or another from hearing from the readers of this blog.  It lets me know what people are thinking, what they are interested in and gives me ideas  for my posts.


After falling most of 2014, gold has been making a good move to the upside.  More is predicted.

Happy hunting,