Friday, January 9, 2015

1/9/15 Report - Another Important Shipwreck Anniversary This Year. Great Treasure Coast Button Finds. Beach Conditions Failed To Improve Today

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Treasure Coast Beach This Morning Around High Tide
Here is my main message or today.  Instead of continuing to improve over the night and into this morning, beach detecting conditions deteriorated.  This particular beach, which I showed yesterday too, shows a lot of deterioration.  The front beach is filling and the cuts aren't as high today.

I'll stick with my "2"  Treasure Coast beach detecting conditions rating for now but expect a decrease soon.  The waves were really pounding the front of the beach and washing sand and shells up.  You can see the sea weed and shells in the above picture. 

Yesterday I forgot to mention that there were a lot of little Portuguese Man-O-War on the beach.  They were small.


I've mentioned the 300th Anniversary of the 1715 Fleet disaster this year.  There is another big shipwreck related anniversary this year.   Do you know what it is?   It also is an anniversary that begins with a 3 and ends with a 0.

2015 is the 30th Anniversary of the discovery of the Atocha mother lode.  Yep, it was found in 1985.

Speaking of the Mel Fisher organization, the Dare and Magruder will both be working on the site of the Margarita for a while this winter.  The site of the Margarita is more protected and in more shallow water than the Atocha.

According to the research of Eugene Lyons, there is still missing from the Santa Margarita 80,000 silver coins, 27 silver bars, 4 bronze guns and 22 copper ingots, totaling around $166 million in value.


A very interesting old piece of pottery was found on a Treasure Coast beach last night.  I'll have more on that in the future.


Button Finds and photos by William M.
And here are a couple very nice Seminole War era buttons found by William M., who was expecting an unexciting hunt in a backyard but found these great buttons.

That was his first time on the property and of course he is planning on going back

Nice Finds William!

Thanks for sharing.


I have other finds of various types to show, but that will be all for today.

Happy hunting,