Sunday, February 1, 2015

2/1/15 Report - 10 Foot Surf Predicted! 1793 Half Penny and Hard Times Token Finds. Tie Clasp Find.

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Surf Predictions For The Fort Pierce Area
The big news today is the ten foot surf that is predicted for next weekend.  When you see a big surf like that predicted so many days in advance, it often does not happen.  So far this prediction has remained for a few days.  I'd still say that there is only a 1 in 5 or less chance that it will actually happen.  As I've mentioned several times before, there seems to be an error in their prediction models.  Nonetheless, there is a chance that it might actually happen, and just in case, I'd make sure that all equipment is in good order.  I'll be watching the predictions closely through this week.

By the way, the surf predictions for the Sebastian area are a bit higher, as is typically the case.

As you know, beach conditions for the Treasure Coast haven't been very good so far this year, and most of the older finds have been coming from inland sites.

Russ P. found these two great tokens along with some US silver coins.

The token on the left is a 1793 John Wilkinson Iron Master half penny token.

That is a famous token.  Around 1775 the British government stopped minting all copper coins, which was a problem for poor folk who needed low denomination money.

John Wilkinson responded to that problem by producing the John Wilkinson Trade Token, with which he paid his workers.  The tokens could be redeemed at his own shop.
Here is a link for more about that.

In an email to me Russ P. said, Two very interesting finds:  1793 British penny (my oldest coin-no cobs yet!) and an 1837 EF Sise Hard Times coin.  Though technically a token, it would have been used in general circulation during the large cent era.  There is a fascinating history associated with the Hard Times Tokens, of which there are hundreds of varieties.  It is one of my favorite all-time finds and my oldest US coin/token find.  Two big firsts in the same hunt!

Interestingly, all the finds pictured were found at the same Florida site, which is no older than early 1900's.

Tie Clip
Find and photo by Dan B.
Here is another find by Dan B., who found the V nickel I posted a day or two ago.

I thought it might be a cub scout or boy scout item when I first saw it but I don't know.

What do you think?

Here we are into the second month of the year already.  The most read post of December was the 12/20/14 Report - West Palm Beach. Detectorists Find Hoard of 200 Viking Coins. Another Treasure Trove Found.

The most "Google Plused" post of December was the 12/25/14 - A Christmas Story.  Wishes for a special day.


There were several lessons in the story that I posted about the copper 1953 S cent.  First, you never know what you might find if you do enough searching.  Maybe something very rare.  Second, you have to be alert and do your homework.   Third, even the experts can be wrong.   Fourth, don't stop and accept the first answer you get.

I think that was a very worthwhile story.  Remember there are rarities to be found, but you have to be very detailed to find them.

Since it is Super Bowl Sunday allow me one quick diversion concerning Deflate Gate, I can't think of anybody who would be more detail oriented than Belichick and Brady.  I can't believe that Brady, who has spent his entire life throwing footballs, and as I said, is one of the most detail oriented people I can imagine, would not know what was going on.  My twelve-year-old neighborhood playmates could tell when a ball was under inflated, or when a baseball was heavy from having been wet. And I'm not talking about a bunch of geniuses.  So with me, that response strains credibility.

Keep watching for that big surf.  We could sure use it.

Happy hunting,