Friday, February 27, 2015

2/27/15 Report - Legends & Superstitions of the Sea & Sailors. Ancient Coin Resource. Fort Pierce Inlet Partially Open.

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John Brooks Beach This Morning Near Low Tide.
Not a pretty morning.  Rainy along the coast.  Not heavy rain though   A little cooler too.

The beaches weren't good.  John Brooks looked very poor.  There are piles of new sand on the front beach, and a sand bar not very far out.  There is a lot of sand that needs to be moved.

Beautiful Fort Pierce Beach.
Right in the middle of tourist season, they make it ugly and inaccessible again.  Seems like they do that every year.

The inlet is open for smaller boats, I think.  There was one boat patrolling the area of the wrecked barge to keep people away from the wreckage, which is not visible above water.


How about that group of 355 silver coins from one small lot!  One person took action after reading about the demolished house and the silver coins in the walls.  A lot of people read the same story but didn't follow up on it.  


I visited one beach in front of a hotel today.  I ran zero discrimination and hit some coins, one piece of jewelry and only one piece of junk.  Why was there only one piece of junk?  Because I cleaned the junk out the last two times I was there.


Here is an interesting free digital book that you might want to read.  It is Legends and Superstitions of the Sea and of Sailors by Fletcher Bassett, 1885.

Click here to go to that Google ebook.


The native populations that European colonists encountered in North America as they spread across toward the west of the continent were defined at least in part by their patterns of warfare, say a team of researchers.

Here is the link for that article.

If you are interested in scholarly studies of ancient coins here is a great resource.  It provides access to the numismatic chronicle and journal of the Royal Numismatic Society.


Tomorrow's surf on the Treasure Coast is predicted to be 4 - 6 feet, and Sunday, 4 - 7 feet.   The North winds we have today will be shifting to be more easterly over the weekend.  That is too bad.

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