Saturday, February 14, 2015

2/14/15 Report - Mystery Item Positively Identified. Santeria Yemana Tools. Smaller Surf Sunday.

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Photo source: Papa Jim's Botanica Web Site.
In ,my 2/12/15 post I posted a picture of a mystery item.  The same type of item had been found at two different locations.  I asked for ideas and received quite a variety.

After posting those pictures, I received pictures from Robert H., whose friend also found a similar item.   This third find was accompanied by other items, similar to those that I've seen found on beaches before and also similar to those shown in this picture.  The items included a small metal sun, moon, anchor, and a couple other items.  One item found with the group of items sent by Robert was an object known to be used in Santeria. 

I therefore did a little research on Santeria and before long came up with a picture of some the items in Roberts picture, including the mystery item.  Those items were advertised by a shop that sells things for use in Santeria.  Here is that picture as shown on Papa Jim's Botanica web site.

Notice the two items at the bottom.  Those are exactly like the mystery items.  Mystery solved!

Here is the link listing those items.  They are listed as Yemaya tools.

Thanks Bob for the help!  And thanks to all of you who sent ideas.

I've found most of those items myself, including a metal chicken, sun, moon, anchor, ships wheel, etc.   The chicken, which is not shown in the above picture, is also shown on Papa Jim's web site.

I though I posted some of those items years ago, but couldn't find them in the blog right off.

I suspect those finds are more common in South Florida, but like the finds, Santeria might be spreading out from Miami.

Here is a link that will tell you about Santeria.  It began back as far as the 1700s and is still practiced today.


Its always good to get a positive identity for a mystery item.  In doing so I now know more about some of my old finds.


The surf tomorrow is supposed to be down around three feet along the Treasure Coast.  That will give you a good opportunity to walk along the wet sand and look for "wash-ups" like the one I described yesterday.

Check areas where rocks and large shells are accumulating.  The hot spots will probably be on the lower third of the slope.

Most of the park areas next to the walk-overs seem to be pretty clean.

Happy Valentine's Day,