Thursday, February 26, 2015

2/26/15 Report - Sunken Barge Closed Fort Pierce Inlet. Viking Sword & Islamic Coins Found by Detector. More New Sand.

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Fort Pierce Inlet Where Barge Sank.

Yesterday I had one big story.  Hope you didn't miss it.  Today I have a variety of items.

The big news today is that a barge sank in the Fort Pierce Inlet yesterday and the inlet was closed and remained closed today.

Below is the link for that story.


In August 2014 a detectorist found a Viking sword in a field.  Archaeologists were called in to examine the find, which included a shield boss, and found that the boss contained Islamic coins.

Here is the link to that story.

Viking Era Sword Found By Detectorist.

Waveland Beach Getting New Sand
Photo by Joan T.

Add Waveland Beach to the long list of beaches getting new sand. 

Thanks Joan.


Captain Andy and Papo with their respective crews are scheduled to be back on the Margarita site now that the seas have calmed.


Bill P. says the round part of the moistener that I showed the other day might actually be an insulator.  It could be.   


Not totally unrelated, I was thinking one day of how many ways a simple item like a ball could be used.

Toy, projectile ie. musket ball or for a sling shot, ball bearing, weight, float, in roll-on deodorant applicator, stopper in Hutch bottle, home d├ęcor.   You can probably think of more.  Of course in many cases you could eliminate many of those based upon size or composition.


One important thing today is the bigger surf predicted for this weekend.   Today and tomorrow the surf on the Treasure Coast is only around three feet, but Saturday it is supposed to increase and then Sunday maybe up to eight feet.   We'll have to see how that develops.  Of course I'll keep a close eye on it.

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