Friday, February 13, 2015

2/13/15 Report - Extensive List of Most Valuable U.S. Coins. 1890 Swiss 2 Rappen. A "Wash-Up" Located This Morning.

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Typical Treasure Coast Beach This Morning Near Low Tide

I didn't see any cuts today.  Even cuts that existed a few days ago are now gone.  At high tide the waves came up over the berm and far back on some beaches.

You can see how smooth this beach is.  This beach front was fairly mushy.  I did find one front beach that was firm.

There was a lot of sea weed on some flat beaches.  You can see a little in the above picture.  Some beaches had much more.

I found a surprising number of new coins in the dry sand after taking a good walk away from the park.

I also found a "wash-up" coin hole at one location where an accumulation of rocks was observed down by the swash.   A shell pile was near the berm above that.  There was nothing else remarkable about the spot.  The slope and compactness of the sand was about the same for hundreds of yards, yet the coins were washing up at this one spot.  The highest ones were less than half the way up the slope.  The only tip-off was the rocks and shells.

Here is a nice short video showing the beach and waves this morning.

Below is a nice old coin found by Dan B.

This is a 2.5 gram bronze coin, 20 mm in diameter.

It is a 1890 Swiss coin.

The denomination is 2 centimes or 2 rappen.

Super condition!

Congratulations Dan.

The value in VF20 condition would be about $8.  I'd say this is way above that.

MS63 would be worth more like $45.


See if you can match these four coins with their realized prices.

1926 S Mercury Dime
1913 Liberty Head V Nickle
1921 S Morgan Silver Dollar
1944 Steel Wheat Penny


The order of those coins from most to least expensive follows.
1913 Nickle, 1944 Penny, 1926 Dime, and 1921 Silver Dollar.

Here is llink to an extensive list of the most valuable US Coins if you want to see the prices of many besides those four.

That is a handy list.


On the Treasure Coast the surf is decreasing.  Expect it to be down to around 2 or 3 feet by Sunday.

We got some good size waves but the angles were not good.  Just goes to show that it takes more than big waves to cause cuts.

Happy hunting,