Friday, September 18, 2015

9/18/15 Report - Rip Currents. Tropical Depressions Nine and Ten. The Heart Of Any Good Treasure Story.

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There are two tropical depressions in the Atlantic now - numbers nine and ten.

it is hard to tell what they will do, but at this time neither is predicted to become anything stronger than a depression in the next five days.

We also have a little disturbance just off shore near the Daytona area.

I don't expect any of that to affect the Treasure Coast significantly in the next few days.  


The Woods Hole Institute is doing a lot of research on waves and beaches.  I just ran across a nice article on rip currents.  Detectorists should know about rip currents, especially if they detect in the water.  If you unintentionally wander into a rip current it can be frightening if you don't know rip currents and what to do.  I think most people know to not struggle to swim directly against the rip current, but if you don't know what to do, you should look it up.  Be prepared.

I remember my first time.  It surprised me.

In this Woods Hole article 150 foot channel near shore using a landing craft and revving the engines to create the trench.  I'd love t see a picture of how they did that.

According to my understanding they weren't using anything like blowers.  I can imagine how they did it but would like to see it.

Rip currents can wash away sand and expose a firmer layer of rocks or other bottom.  If that happens in the right place, it can be a very good hunting spot, but by all means, do not jump into the dip until it is safe.

Rip Current
Source: link below.
The rip current shown above does not look exactly like a natural rip current to me.  It looks like it could be the one that made.

Notice the scientific monitoring equipment floating in the rip.

The dark water in the middle of the white water is the deep water where the water would be rushing out.

As the article points out, the waves will break on each side of the rip current, but not in the deep part. You'd expect that because waves break when the water becomes to shallow.

You might want to look at this article.  Here is the link.


The crew of the Dare has been surveying the Lost Merchant site, 


Yesterday's post was a story about how an found item can continue to reveal more about itself over time.  Any treasure story consists of various threads.  Most treasure stories are told as if they were about items.  You've read the articles and books.  They tell what was found,  where it was found, how it was found, what it was worth and who found it, but the best part of the story is left out.  The part of the story that is most often left out is the contemporaneous human story.  

The best of the story is about people -  real people, fragile people, strong people, people with hearts and souls, people with emotions who act and react.  It is about ups and downs, successes and failures, relationships, friends, family, time and change.  It is about chance, cause and effect, and consequences. The crux of any treasure story is really about people and how they live, learn, feel and change.  It is about heart and soul.

I talk a lot about items, but if you look a little deeper, the other part of the story is always there to be found if you look deep enough for it.  In this blog, I don't have the space or time to bring it out like I should.  Maybe sometime in the future I'll be able to give that part of the story the justice it deserves.

Good stories make people think.  Great stories make people feel.


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