Friday, September 25, 2015

9/25/15 Report - Great Beach Finds: Large Cents, Half Disme, Shield Nickels, Three Cent, and Reales.

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If you saw the beach hunt video by Gold Nugget that I posted yesterday  you know what the beach was like where the coins shown today were found.  If you didn't see that, you might want to take a look.

Here is GoldNugget's first silver three cent find.  Very nice coin.


But that isn't all.  Below are some more of his old coin finds, including some reales.

These coins are shown after GoldNugget spend a couple of days cleaning them.

Beach Finds By GoldNugget.
Next are some shield nickels that he found.

Notice the holed large cent.  I think I'll probably be talking about "holed" coins more tomorrow.

Very impressive finds.  Congratulations to GoldNugget.

All of the coins appear to be worn and have suffered considerable corrosion.  They are also  all

The coins are a good sign that artifacts should be in the area too.  It appears to be an 18th Century site.  It would be fun to unravel the history of the place.

Once you locate a site like that you can hunt it over and over whenever the conditions are right.


I received emails about the excellent web site link that I posted yesterday.  You'll find it listed on my blog as Wind, Swells, Waves.  I'll be using it a lot.


On the Treasure Coast we'll be having a three foot surf for a couple of days and then next week up to four feet.

There is no tropical action to be concerned about right now.

Happy hunting,