Wednesday, September 2, 2015

9/2/15 Report - Nice 1715 Fleet One Escudo. Buried Nazi Gold Train Found. First ECC Photo. Jamestown Discoveries.

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1715 Fleet One Escudo

Very nice one escudo from the 1715 Fleet.  This is referred to as a Type II in the Sewall Menzel book.

The date appears to be 1712, if I am reading it correctly.  Looks like it could be a 2 over 1.

The other side would have the cross potent.

The mint is Lima, and the assayer (M) would be Felix Cristobal Cano Melagejo.


This is an Indiana Jones mega-treasure story.  It appears that an armored train full of Nazi treasure has been discovered in a buried tunnel.  If you read the different accounts of this story it is hard to tell how much is true and how much is myth and how much is cover-up.  The different stories just don't stick together entirely.

Here are a couple of links.


When the Jamestown Rediscovery Archaeological Project started, the hope was to find the site of the original 1607 James Fort, which had been written off for more than 200 years as lost to shoreline erosion.
Since then, the team has discovered the fort and more than a million artifacts in the ground...
This is an ongoing excavation.  They keep coming up with more every week it seems.

CT Scan technology is being used to analyze artifacts to help identify the presumed important persons buried under the church.


I have been hearing from people who are going to get a detector and start detecting and people who want to know the laws.  That happens every time after a big discovery.  People get excited and people that have never detected before get interested.


Yesterday I wrote about the Environmental Metal Detecting Movement and the proposed Environmental Clean-up Crews.

Here is the first picture from an independent volunteer of the ECC (Dan B.).

Removed By Dan B. From A Boat Launch Area.
Just an example of the type of work provided by the ECC.  Good work Dan!

For those of you thinking of going out and buying your first detector, you can find a lot more of these than gold coins.  Just a reality check.


Fred is a tropical storm and won't affect us.  It will dissipate in the middle of the Atlantic.

The Treasure Coast will only have something like a one foot surf through the weekend.

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