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9/30/15 Report - Hurricane Joaquin Developing Into Something To Watch. Revolutionary War Battle Site.

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Joaquin Wind Pattern.
The big news today is that we have a hurricane.  The name is Joaquin.  It has been sitting out east of the Bahamas just meandering around and gaining strength. It is expected to head north instead of hitting Florida.  The cone of uncertainty is wide, but it looks like Joaquin might hit North Carolina.

This site is great.  As I've said, you can use it to check the wind, surf and waves for the present and several days out.

This afternoon the wind on the Treasure Coast was supposed to start coming out of the north.  We should get north/northeast winds for a couple of days.

Today the surf was supposed to be up to around six feet and I suppose it was, though I didn't check today.

It looks like this weekend that we are supposed to get up to an eight foot surf.  Unfortunately, by that time the wind will be blowing out again.  I guess that could be good if cutting occurs first and then it doesn't fill in too soon.

We might actually get improved conditions on the Treasure Coast beaches.  I'll be checking to see how it goes.

The tides are supposed to be fairly big too.

This is the most promising forecast that I've seen for quite a while.   I hope we actually get the high surf that is predicted for this weekend.  I also hope that any cuts don't fill right away when the wind changes.


I visited the conservation lab in Sebastian today and was reminded of all the other stuff that goes into shipwreck salvage.

If you are working on a salvage lease, it is done according to contract.  You don't just go out and find stuff, put it in your pocket and take it away.  There is a lot of record keeping, cleaning, conservation, and then, of course, the split with the state.  A lot of time is spent on things other than hunting.

I noticed the years and years of salvage logs and records.  Ir you know me, and you probably do to some extent if you've been reading this blog very long like I know some of you have, I could sit down and go through all the records and very much enjoy myself.  I've always been a person that enjoys information and data and trying to learn what I can from it.  I'm not good at remembering details.  I'm more into functional and structural relationships - how things go together and what it means.

Anyhow, I enjoyed the time at the lab this morning.

I also noticed that they are using some of the same techniques in the lab that I use and that I've presented in this blog.    Electrolysis is one.  Also baking soda is used after cleaning silver.  That is a common technique, and it obviously works well for them too.


CONCORD, Mass.Sept. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- On April 19, 1775, despite heavy casualties just hours before,Lexington's Captain John Parker made the courageous decision to rally his troops and pursue the British on their march back fromConcord to Boston. More than 240 years later, after this heroic stand by citizen soldiers, an archaeology project using advanced technology has unearthed important details on the little known but noteworthy battle called "Parker's Revenge."
Here is the link for the rest of the article.



Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous.


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