Friday, September 4, 2015

9/3/15 Report - Super Moon Reshapes Beach. Salvage Boat At Work. EMDM Story. Vintage Lures.

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Treasure Coast Beach This Morning Near Low Tide
I found a beach this morning that had really been reshaped by the Super Moon tides.  Sand had been washed down from higher up on the beach and into the water.  Then it was washed back up onto the front of the beach.

The sand now extended out much farther into the water than before.  The sand that was washed in shows as darker in the above photo.  That sand extends out into the water a good distance.  Previously there was a drop off near the water's edge but that is now filled with sand.

Maybe this will make it a little clearer.  A lot of sand was dragged out into the water (blue arrow), and then some of it washed back up onto the front of the beach (orange arrow).  The sand that washed back up stopped about where the arrow stops, and you can see the change in the color of the sand.

There were some shells to be found and sea glass and small fossil bits.  There were no good metal targets on the front beach where the sand washed back in, just a few thin aluminum pieces.

The water was bath tub flat this morning.

Salvage Vessel At the Nieves Site This Morning.

I first mentioned the Enviromental Metal Detecting Movement (EMDM) a few weeks ago.  At the time it seemed like there was no response and no interest.  A few weeks later I received an email from someone on the topic.  It now seems that it is catching on and gaining momentum.

I just received the following email from Larry.

Regarding EMDM stories, here's one that fits the bill I think.

I guess there's something about a guy swinging a metal detector on the beach that makes people think you are the one they should hand the hazardous floating object with 9 sharp hooks to. 
Makes sense to me. 

I looked up from the sand to see a middle-aged woman in a conservative black one piece swim suit emerge from the waves heading in my direction, and she's gingerly holding onto a diving plug with 3 treble hooks and a length of broken mono.

She walked right up to me and handed me the lure, which I gingerly lifted from her fingertips. I thanked her. She smiled and she and her husband continued up the beach to their umbrella.

Here's a case of just regular folk identifying me, an anonymous metal detectorist that she knew from Adam, as an EMDM figure. It just goes to show you that the MD image in the public mind may be more positive than we think, and it may just be that they see us as performing a sort of volunteer adjunct safety and sanitation service. If I were wearing an EMDM t-shirt, how much more jetsam and flotsam might I attract from the general public?

Later, with a magnifier lense I read on the plug's lip "Pflueger Mustang." I noticed that it's in pretty good condition. I knew that Pfleuger stuff can be worth a few bucks so I looked it up on ebay. Turns out its a vintage collectible lure, and recent sales  had ranged from $15 to $35.

Some kid probably didn't realize dad's old plug was a collectible. Thanks, kid. And thank you, ma'am.

Thanks for sharing Larry.


I've often suggested keeping your eyes open for all kinds of things and being familiar with a wide variety of types of objects and collectibles.  You never know what you might find.

I've accumulated a lot of fishing lures, bobbers, sinkers, etc.  Most were found without a detector.  A very few are old enough to be vintage collectibles.  The others I use.  That way I get to try out different types of lures that I would never buy. Often I put new hooks on them, but otherwise they work fine.

I always look for wood lures and bobbers, but don't find many.  They generally don't hold up well if they've been lost a long time.  I found one that is made of a plastic that glows in the dark.  It is very much like the old vintage glowing plastic ice cycle Christmas tree decorations.  I doubt if most of you remember those.


Expect smooth seas this weekend, and poor beach detecting conditions along the Treasure Coast.

Fred is still out there, and not coming any way near us.  There is one other disturbance coming off of Africa.  Nothing for us to be concerned about yet.

Happy hunting,