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5/14/16 Report - Contributions By Amateurs, Hobbyists, Detectorists and Treasure Hunters. TV Shows. The Florida Collection.

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A Small Part of the Multi-million Dollar Staffordshire Hoard Found by a Detecting Hobbyist In a Farm Field.

I recently received an email from a casting director for a TV production company that is casting a new show designed to. in their words, "bring credibility back to the treasure-hunting world."  I don't know exactly what that means, but it sounds good.

I didn't followed up on several previous inquiries from TV production companies, but I am considering this one and suspect that I will do one someday when I find the right one.  It would be good to help set the record straight.

Despite their many contributions, treasure hunters have been vilified by some.  To read some sources, you'd think that treasure hunters are nothing but looters.  But looters are just that - looters.  There are unethical opportunists that will take advantage of any opportunity, but one quack doctor does not mean that the medical profession is bad.

I've been critical of some TV shows about metal detecting or treasure hunting, but this one, from the little I now know, seems like it could be something that I could support.  I can think of a couple shows that gave into the need for drama and ratings and presented treasure hunting in an inaccurate or unrealistic light.  I hope they keep this one honest and clearly portray the many benefits and contributions of treasure hunting.

I've discussed some of the issues concerning treasure hunting before and won't try to repeat all of that now.  I will, however, quickly remind the reader of the many contributions made by treasure hunters as well as amateurs, including those that might be considered amateur archaeologists.  Just yesterday I told about how one fifteen-year-old enthusiast discovered a previously undiscovered Maya city.

Detectorists, treasure hunters and amateurs have made a lot of very significant contributions.  I ran across a web site presenting what the authors felt were the six biggest treasure finds made by amateurs. They can be called treasure finds, but they are also important archaeological discoveries.

To get an idea of how significantly amateurs have contributed to archaeology, here is a link to a site that shows six of the most important discoveries made by amateurs in Britain.  The photo at the top of the post shows a small part of the Staffordshire Hoard, now owned by the British Museum and valued at around $6 million dollars.

Immediately below is the link to see the other amazing treasure finds made by amateurs.

In the past year, I showed some of the important finds made by Treasure Coast salvage crews.  Not long ago the State of Florida selected and took possession of their share of the 2015 treasure salvage finds, and the Florida collection was vastly enriched.  I hope to have a future post giving some detail about the 2015 distribution.

If you ever read one of Alan Craig's books about the silver or gold coins in the Florida collection, you know that a lot of the Florida Collection was provided by treasure hunters, and Mr. Craig acknowledges that in his books.

Those who work the 1715 Fleet wrecks work under a detailed agreement with the state.  Without the salvage crews our state collections would not be anything like what they are.  Our history would not be as well preserved, and we would not be able to enjoy and study the many items that are now available for viewing and research.

Only a small portion of the Florida collection is on public display and it is not easy to gain access to what the state holds in its vaults. We can't forget that the purpose, as I understand it, is to preserve history for the people.  I would like to see the Florida Collection better documented online for viewing by the public.  It would not seem difficult for good photos of yearly distributions to be posted online.


It looks like we're going to have a continued small surf for several days.  Take advantage of the smooth water.

With the 2015 distribution now completed, the 2016 salvage season is just getting underway.

I have been receiving photos of nice modern jewelry finds lately too.

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