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5/1/16 Report - Lot of Mushy Sand On Beach Fronts. Non-metallic Finds Returned. Thousands of Bronze and Silver Plated Coins Found in Spain.

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A Lot of Mushy New Sand In Front of an Old Cut.
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 All of the beaches have a lot of new sand on the front of the beach because of the mild surf and south winds.

We have summer beach conditions.  We've had a lot of south winds.  There will be two or more weeks of almost no surf.

The front beach will be poor.  With the smooth surf the water will be easy to hunt, but conditions there will be sandy too.

I found the following items at the water line.  First was the fish grabber.

Fish Grabber Find

Then I found the waterproof container shown below.  Very nice.

It was full.  I suspect that it held a wallet or whatever.

I saw a fellow down the beach looking around like he lost something, so I went down and asked him what he lost.  When he told me, I returned the following items.  Needless to say, he was very happy.

Watch the water line for things like this.  Some of my favorite finds are no metallic and were found near the water line during a mild surf.  I've mentioned some.  One was a wax seal that I found.  I wonder how it survived all of those years.

Can you believe we are into may already.  It seems to me like New Years was just a few weeks ago. This has been one of my most hectic years.

I have a lot to talk about and show but won't get around to some of it for at least a few days.


MADRID — Workers laying pipes in a southern Spanish park have unearthed a 600-kilogram (1,300-pound) trove of Roman coins in what culture officials say is a unique historic discovery.

The Seville Archaeological Museum said the construction workers came across 19 amphoras containing thousands of bronze and silver-coated coins dating from the end of the fourth century. The coins are believed to have been recently minted at the time and had probably been stored away to pay soldiers or civil servants...

Here is that link.  Thanks to Dean R. 

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