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5/6/16 Report - The Guale Uprising of 1597. PARES Portal to Spanish Archives. Atocha Silver Bar. Smooth Surf and Big Tides.

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Illustration from Murder and Martyrdom in Spanish Florida Don Juan and the Guale Uprising of 1597.

Here is a lot of great information on the missions in Spanish Florida and relations with the natives, including many pages of detailed information on the murder of missionaries and the following investigations. The title of the article is Murder and Martyrdom in Spanish Florida Don Juan and the Guale Uprising of 1597.

Here is the abstract.

In the late fall of 1597, Guale Indians murdered five Franciscan friars stationed in their territory and razed their missions to the ground. The 1597 Guale Uprising, or Juanillo’s Revolt as it is often called, brought the missionization of Guale to an abrupt end and threatened Florida’s new governor with the most significant crisis of his term. To date, interpretations of the uprising emphasize the primacy of a young Indian from Tolomato named Juanillo, the heir to Guale’s paramount chieftaincy. According to most versions of the uprising story, Tolomato’s resident friar publicly reprimanded Juanillo for practicing polygamy. In his anger, Juanillo gathered his forces and launched a series of violent assaults on all five of Guale territory’s Franciscan missions, leaving all but one of the province’s friars dead. Through a series of newly translated primary sources, many of which have never appeared in print, this volume presents the most comprehensive examination of the 1597 uprising and its aftermath. It seeks to move beyond the two central questions that have dominated the historiography of the uprising, namely who killed the five friars and why, neither of which can be answered with any certainty. Instead, this work aims to use the episode as the background for a detailed examination of Spanish Florida at the turn of the 17th century. Viewed collectively, these sources not only challenge current representations of the uprising, they also shed light on the complex nature of Spanish-Indian relations in early colonial Florida.

Really a lot of good reading.  And here is the link.


PARES is the portal to the Spanish archives.  This is for the serious researcher who is fluent in Spanish.  You can get some really good research material through the PARES.

Here is that link.


Silver Bar in Sedwick Auction.
Lot number 300.

About two more weeks are left for the current Sedwick Coins auction. Many lots already have starting bids.

The 85 pound silver bar shown above has an bid of over $35,000.  That bar has a lot of nice markings.  No wonder it is getting so much interest. It is from the Atocha.

The auction will be concluded live on the internet May 18 and 19.  Until then you can bid online.


We're having some smooth surf.  Expect at least a couple of days of one-foot surf.  That is good for getting in the water.  Also we're having some nice big tides with good negative tides.

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