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5/18/16 Report - 14,000 Year-Old Florida Artifacts. Large Assembly of Maritime Artifacts Recovered. Free Robert Marx Lecture Coming Soon.

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A treasure trove of bronze statues and coins bearing the images of Roman emperors has emerged from the waters of the ancient Mediterranean harbor of Caesarea, the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced Monday.

The discovery, hailed as the largest assemblage of marine artifacts recovered in the country during the past 30 years, was initially made by two divers who stumbled across the remains of a large merchant ship. It is estimated the vessel sank during the Late Roman period some 1,600 years ago....

Besides the Old Vero Man site, there is another archaeological site in Florida linking man to mastodons.  It is the Page-Ladson site on the Aucilla River.

...In 1983, eight stone artifacts and butchered mastodon remains were discovered at the Page-Ladson site, and were investigated through 1997. The sediments surrounding the finds were dated to 14,400 years ago, but at the time, it was unthinkable to suggest that humans arrived in North America more than 1,000 years prior to the Clovis, the authors of the new study explained. Experts back then argued that even if the sediments were over 14,000 years old, it was possible that the artifacts themselves were not, and that they had been carried to that part of the site by river currents...

A mastodon tusk bearing the marks of stone tools was found at that site. Here is the link to read more about that.

Here is information about a free lecture that you might want to attend.  It is open to the public.

The lecture will be at the FIT Gleason Performing Arts Center in Melbourne Florida.

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The Sedwick auction goes live from the floor today.


It looks like we have a week of smooth surf coming up, probably interrupted by a few thunder storms.

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