Saturday, May 7, 2016

5/7/16 Report - Happy Derby Day. Detecting Stones. Beach Conditions. Most Read Posts of April.

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A Very Sandy Treasure Coast Beach As Seen Yesterday Near Low Tide.
Notice the waves breaking top left of center.  There was a dip just to the north and sand pile to the south of the white water.  

Same Beach Looking North.
Notice all the mushy sand.  Beach conditions have not improved and I don't expect them to improve for a while.

Cut On A Treasure Coast Beach Yesterday Near Low Tide.
Here is a cut that was up to about two feet.  It wasn't a real new cut.  South of there was an area that looked worth detecting.  There was no cut but the beach front was moved back.  It was also firm.

Overall, beach conditions remain poor, but like I showed there are a still few spots worth checking.

While the surf is nice and small, the tides are big.  This weekend we'll have nice high tides and good negative tides.


You might remember that I mentioned that the crew of the Dare had identified an EM target on the site of the Atocha that was not indicated by a magnetomete survey.  That means that it was not ferrous.

Well, they recovered the mystery target and now know exactly what it was.  The target was a concentration of large ballast stones - 15 ballast stones, in fact.

So why did they get an EM reading on stones?  They say, "The answer is that these ballast stones were quarried from mines that were loaded with traces of copper an other metals and minerals that show up on the EM detector."

The navigation and pin pointing of Dolores (an HAUV) was found to be very effective and Dolores proved able to locate both ferrous and non-ferrous targets.

That brings up a funny story.  My wife was going through the  scanner at the air port and she absolutely lit up the scanner.  She wasn't wearing any obvious metal, but there was a shiney metallic thread woven into the blouse. 


The most read post of April was the 4/20/16 Report - Gold Brooch From Corrigans. Poll Results On Treasure Hunter Spirituality. More On Andy's Crucifix Find.

The second most read post was

4/13/16 Report - Blockade Runner Found. St. Augustine Well. WW I Ships Investigated Using Drone. Eight or Nine Foot Surf Predicted.


The first thing I noticed yesterday when I walked onto the beach was that strange dip in the water that I showed in the first picture.


Happy Derby Day.  If you've never been to the Kentucky Derby it is a nice experience if you are in Louisville..  I was at the Derby two years when I was at  the University of Louisville.

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