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6/13/16 Report - $13 Million Worth of Shipwreck Gold Coins. Proof Coins Found in Change. Royal Escudo Rumored Found on Treasure Coast

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Source: FoxNews Science.
Diamond miners recently discovered a ship that went down 500 years ago after draining a man-made lagoon on Namibia’s coast. While shipwrecks are often found along Africa’s Skeleton Coast, this one just so happened to be loaded with $13,000,000 worth of gold coins....

So who gets the gold? “The Namibian government – every single coin,” he said. “That is the normal procedure when a ship is found on a beach. The only exception is when it is a ship of state – then the country under whose flag the ship was sailing gets it and all its contents. And in this case the ship belonged to the King of Portugal, making it a ship of state – with the ship and its entire contents belonging to Portugal. The Portuguese government, however, very generously waived that right, allowing Namibia to keep the lot.”

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Three Proof Quarters and One Regular Quarter.

I got the three proof quarters in change at a Dollar Tree the other day.  They really shine.  Even though the difference does not show really well in the picture, as soon as I saw them I noticed how different they looked - like nothing I ever got in change before.  They turned out to be proof.

Proof state quarters were sold in sets.  There are both clad and silver proof state quarters.  The silver proof state quarters have an S mint mark, but so do some of the clad state quarters.  You can tell the difference by weight.

The silver coins weigh 6.25 grams, and the clad, only 5.7.  The silver proofs would be worth around $11, but if they were certified to a high grade, they would be worth a good bit more.

Watch your change.  People sometimes spend coins out of their collector sets, either not knowing or caring what they have.


I just received word that a 1714 Royal escudo was just found by one of the Treasure Coast salvage crews.  I have a photo, but don't have details or permission to post yet.


Fort Pierce is in the news.  The Orlando shooter attended the Islamic Center on Midway Road in White City.  That isn't Fort Pierce's first terrorism connection either.  The first American terrorist to blow himself up in Syria was from Fort Pierce and attended the same mosque.  The shooter had discussions with the other terrorist.

Some of the local old-timers were bothered when the old church building on Midway Road was purchased and a chainsaw was used to cut the cross off of the top of the roof.


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