Monday, June 20, 2016

6/20/16 Report - Four Gold Escudos Found. Some Beaches Cut A Little. Summer Solstice and Strawberry Moon.

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Four Bogota 2-escudos Found by Capitana Guys Sunday.
Photo submitted by Captain Jonah Martinez
These two-escudos were found Sunday by the crew of the Capitana.  Congratulations guys!

Not long ago I looked at the realized prices of a group of Bogota two-escudos sold in the most recent Sedwick Coins auction.  These look like some really nice examples.


I took a look at a few beaches Sunday night to see if anything was going on.  One wreck beach had some cutting.  The largest cut that I saw there was about two feet, however one foot was more typical of most of the beach.  A couple other beaches showed almost no movement of sand.

I'll see what happens today.  Unfortunately it looks like the wind is almost directly from the east now.

Tropical Depression Four has formed in the Gulf of Mexico, but it is not expected to affect the United States.


Today is the summer solstice. The name derives from the Latin solstitium meaning “sun stands still”. It happens because the sun stops heading north at the Tropic of Cancer and then returns back southwards.

In 2016 the solstice coincides with the Strawberry Moon, which only happens about every 70 years. A "strawberry moon" is a full moon which occurs in June and marks the beginning of the strawberry season.

Do you remember a Bible story in which the "sun stood still?" It is in the Old Testament Book of Joshua. Few who criticize the Bible have bothered to read it through, let alone study the original languages.

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