Sunday, June 26, 2016

6/26/16 Report - Found Fashion - Post-Apocalyptic Fashion by TG.

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Small Sample of Found-Fashion Hats.
The changing seasons are echoed by the changing fashions displayed by detectorist marching up and down the beach like runway models in New York, Paris or Milan.  But unlike the uber trendy shows that feature stiff stick-like models strutting with their nose in the air and an arrogant look of disdain fitting only for a U. S. President that must bear with the utmost disgust the existence of peasants that disagree, the models of Found Fashion are of every physic, from perfectly round to angular straight line.

Found Fashion exalts the joy of happy accident.  For those less committed or less accomplished, Found Fashion can be combined with retail elements.  Sun-block clothing in pastel colors or frantic prints and stark shadow-man black wetsuit neoprene  offer suitable, though compromising, contrasts for genuine Found Fashion treasures.

Found Fashion is wearable Found Art.  For the detectorist, it is a natural.  Of course detetected watches, rings and other metallic found items can be worn. but there are also non-metallic finds such as hats, gloves, foot wear and even shirts and hoodies.

In the picture at the top of the post you see a small sample of the hats that I have found.  I wear the ones that fit from time to time.  Hats are one of the first things people lose on a beach or when out in a boat.  I have a good collection.  They frequently are found at the water line.  Of coursed I clean them before using them, but they do come in handy.

Found fashion is also a type of recycling.  There is just something I like about finding things that can be used. (By the way, the bench in the picture is made from found boards and wood left over from trimmed trees.)

I like the variety of Found Fashion.  It doesn't drain your pocket, and you never know what you might find.  If you keep your eyes open, you'll find a large variety.  You'll likely be able to find hats representing sports teams, companies, and different areas of the country.  You might see me wearing a hat from Hawaii, Chicago, or San Francisco on any given day.  I've been to some of those places, but never bought a hat there.

Found Fashion is a post-retail clashing cacophony of color and style that startles and surprises the senses and challenges the pre-apocalyptic order-seeking mind.  It is a statement of laissz-faire that screams, "Let the universe decide and provide."

I hope the whimsy didn't obscure the message today.   I've done this so consistently over a such long period of time that occasionally I feel like doing something a little off the wall.

Found Copper Thunderbird.
This copper thunderbird pendant is an example of Found Fashion.  It  was found around where Chuck's Steak House was, just north of where Bon Steel Park is today.  It was slightly but not totally cleaned, and was recently shown on web site owned by an actual former runway model.


A piece of a medicine bottle possibly from the lost colony was found.

Here is the link.


I'm still working on the post about the movement of sand and shells.  It is complicated and I am trying to make it as clear and concise as I can.


I don't feel like doing any more today.  Hopefully if you didn't find this post helpful, maybe you at least found it a tad amusing.


We have a smooth surf, hot weather and no tropical activity of any interest.

Happy hunting.