Monday, June 27, 2016

6/27/16 Report - A Little Shallow Water Hunting Today.

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Speedo Goggles Found Today
Good Post-Apocalyptic Fashion Accessory.

I did a little hunting this morning as low tide was approaching.  The surf was smooth - less than one foot.  Here is a picture of what I saw.

Beach This Morning Just Before Low Tide.
You can see that the dry sand shows a lot of recent activity.  The sand was piled up on the front beach though.  The shallow water was also mushy.

I was going to detect somewhere else today, but stopped here for a little while first.  I decided to do a little shallow water hunting.  It was too sandy to be much good, but there were some recent drops.

The first thing I found was an ear ring.  I haven't tested it yet.

One of the next things I found was the Speedo Goggles shown in the photo at the top of the post. They were washing around in the shallow water. I talked about Found Fashion yesterday.  The goggles seem to fit in very well.

After that I found a series of coins separated by a few pieces of junk.  The coins showed no sign of having been in the water.  They were lost that recently.  I'd say no more than a day or so, at most.

A lot of the time I'd just move on to another location, but I wanted to check  out this site until the tide went down some more.

Same Beach This Morning.
This beach is one of those places where you seldom find anything really good.  The people that go there wear cheap stuff.  You have to find a lot of cheap things here to find anything good.

I'd rather find things that are tarnished or corroded and show signs of being in the water for a while. There just wasn't any of that at this location today.

It you are out to maximize the value of your finds, you'd be better off at another type of location. If that is what you are trying to do it is better to  go for the high-value finds even if there are fewer finds overall.  I've gone through that before.  You might look at my post on math for metal detecting, for example.

When you are getting recent drops, there isn't much of a pattern because things are pretty close to where they were lost.  They haven't been sifted and sorted much yet.

I know the places where swimmers tend to congregate at this beach.  And I know the areas that are detected most.  I can always get some jewelry at one spot, even if it is cheap stuff.

After a little while it was time to move to the other location I wanted to detect today.  I've found some old and interesting things there before but hadn't been there for months.  As much as anything I wanted to see what had been going on there.

That beach had been building too.  In the past there had been erosion there and some old finds popped up.  Today it was mostly sandy, but I did find one area where an old cliff had been eroded back.  Older coins were found there, as well as a few other interesting things.

If you didn't look around the bend you probably would have concluded that the entire beach was all sanded in, yet there were a few better spots.  I knew by the look of it, that some older coins would be found there.  It is an area that almost never gets detected.


We're supposed to have a one to two-foot surf for several days.  There is no tropical weather to watch.

The water hunting is easy, but the conditions aren't much good unless you are in an area where there are a lot of people dropping a lot of good stuff.  You'll be able to find a lot of recent drops, but not so much older stuff.

I still have some technical topics that I haven't quite finished yet.

Happy hunting,