Saturday, July 7, 2018

7/7/18 Report - Hurricane Beryl. Marie Antoinette's Jewels. Magnet Uses. Stove Polish Bottle.

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The big news is the storm situation.  We have one system off of North Carolina and Hurricane Beryl out in the Atlantic

Its been a good while since we've had anything that might stir up the treasure beaches.  Its been several weeks of little but south winds and building beaches.

Here is the projected track of Beryl.

Notice that Beryl is now a hurricane but expected to turn into a storm by 2 PM Sunday as it heads in the direction of Cuba.

It looks like North Carolina is getting some north winds, but Ventusky is showing nothing but west and south winds for the Treasure Coast for the next week.



Marie Antoinette's jewels
, not seen by the public for 200 years, will be auctioned by Sotheby's.

Click here to see a video of these and more of Marie Antoinette's jewels.


I've recently mentioned a few good uses for a magnet and wanted to remind you of a couple more.  I often get pictures of iron flakes that people find on the beach and wonder if they might be cobs.  You can use a magnet, and if they stick, the objects are not cobs.

Also many fakes will stick to a magnet.  A real silver reale or gold escudo will not stick.

Don't forget to try a magnet when you have those questions.


Stove Polish Bottle With Cork Inside.
Here is a nice bottle I found.  Almost all of my bottles are found on the Treasure Coast.  This one was found in a spring gully in West Virginia.  It is really nice and clean.

Here is one little detail that I like about it.

Glass Gouge and Lump Made While Glass Was Still Soft.
In this photo you can see where a gouge was made in the glass while it was still hot and soft.  To the left of that you can see a lump of glass when the hot glass from the gouge was dropped.

It looks like the glass blower or his assistant made a little mistake.  It is a reminder of how the bottle was made, and like errors on coins, helps you understand and appreciate the process.


The surf is calm this morning, but like I said yesterday, it is the time of year to watch for storms.  You don't want to miss any long-awaited window of opportunity.

Happy hunting,