Monday, July 9, 2018

7/9/18 Report - Silver Coin Find. Storms Chris and Beryl. Treasures Found in Farm Fields.

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1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Find.
This Kennedy half dollar is 90% silver and has a melt value of almost $6.00.  Retail value would be from $10 to $90, depending upon condition.  This one is in unusually nice condition for a beach find.

Reverse of Same Half Dollar.

Hurricane Chris and Remnants of Beryl
Beryl is now almost gone, and Chris is going to be heading north.  Seems pretty early for hurricanes, but they do seem to be forming. 

On the Treasure Coast we're supposed to get a three to four foot surf Tuesday, which is a little bigger than previously expected, falling off to two to three feet on Wednesday.

Chris is probably causing some erosion to North Carolina beaches.


Some of the most amazing hoard finds have been made in farm fields, and you might remember my recent post mentioning the farmer that found gold while digging a drain.  I just found that has some good treasure stories.

Here is one article from that site entitled 7 Insane Things Farmers Have Accidentally Found in Fields.  For example, there was the Kentucky farmer that in 1922 found $185,000 (in today's money) worth of early British gold coins.

Another farmer found a second of third century helmet in a field where detectorists had previously found some ancient coins.

Here is the link for the rest of that article.

And here is another article on the same web site about a 3500 year old dagger being found in a farm field.

I spent a lot of time in farm fields in my early years, but not metal detecting.


Keep watching the Atlantic weather.  Eventually a storm will come along to stir up our beaches.

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