Sunday, July 8, 2018

7/8/18 Report - Tropical Storm Update: Chris and Beryl. Things Heating Up.

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Tropical Storm Chris and Beryl.
As of Sunday morning, we now have tropical storm Chris, which is expected to become a hurricane and head northeast.

Projected Path of Chris.
It looks like Chris might produce some detecting conditions on beaches from North Carolina to Maine.

Projected Path of Beryl
Beryl is still headed in our direction, but weakening.

The Treasure Coast is supposed to see a light increase in the surf on Tuesday ( two to four feet ) but that is the peak for the week, with nothing bigger until at least next weekend.

It looks like the Atlantic is heating up and there could be a lot of action this summer.

I'll go ahead and post this much, and might be back later with more.


It looks like Beryl is going to fall apart, and Chris will be the one to watch.  Even though the predicted path has Chris going north, it is supposed to turn into a hurricane and backtrack to the south a little before heading north.

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