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7/11/18 Report - 23 Morgan and Peace Silver Dollars Found. Chris Moving Off.

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Hurricane Chris and Remnant of Beryl

Chris is a now hurricane movng north/northeast away from North Carolina and well off the northeast coast.

Beryl is now only a remnant and is also moving north.  It does not look like we'll get any real effect from Beryl.

We're getting a higher tide than we've had in the recent past, but not anything extraordinary.  Expect more one and two foot surf along the Treasure Coast until another disturbance comes along. 


Recent Treasure Coast Area Find.

The silver dollars shown above range in date from 1880 to 1928.  There are four Morgan dollars.

Mint marks include O, D and S.

They are not collector coins.  They vary in condition slightly, but are all well worn from circulation.

The most frequent date is 1922, which is also the date of highest production, so that is not surprising and supports the idea that they were taken from circulation rather than purchased as collector coins.

One thing that struck me is that they are almost the same weight as an eight reale - maybe gram less than a proper eight reale.

I really like the looks of Morgan dollars a lot more than Peace dollars.  The only thing I like better about Peace dollars is the face of Lady Liberty.

Morgan dollars were minted from 1878 to 1904, and then again in 1921 before the mints ramped up and turned out tons of Peace dollars.  They were minted to use silver from the Comstock lode and circulated most widely in the West.  They are 90% silver and weigh 26.73 grams.

Also 90% silver, the Peace dollar was to commemorate peace after World War I.  They went into circulation in January of  1922 and was stopped after 1928.  They were produced again briefly in 1934 and 1935.


You can really benefit from asking good questions and talking to the right people. If you ask the right questions you have a very good chance of eventually getting the right information.  The right questions will lead you down a path of continuing discovery.

There is a lot of good information that is readily available over the internet, but a lot of it isn't very good.  If you aren't careful, it is as easy to be led astray as helped by it all.

When I post an article, I usually do it for a reason other than the fact that it is just something interesting.  There are usually some good clues to be found.

Did you notice all of the amazing finds that have been found in farm fields?  I hope you didn't just read that and think how wonderful it would be.   I hope you asked yourself why that would be.  Why are so many good things found in farm fields?  How are they found?  And what it means to you, if anything?  I hope you take the time to think about the articles as you read them.

Keep an eye on the Atlantic.

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