Tuesday, October 8, 2019

10/8/19 Report - Interesting Treasure Coin Lots in Latest Sedwick Auction. Teeth in the River. Storm Activity.

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Gator on Lagoon Side of Indian River Drive Across From Old Fort Park in Fort Pierce.
Photo by Joe D.
Gators are not uncommon in the Indian River.  I almost ran into one that was submerged in the muck. There are also sharks in the river. 


The 26th Sedwick Treasure Auction is now online.  Here are some of the lots you might be interested in.

Gold Cobs begins with The John Pullin Collection of Dated Mexican Gold Cobs from the 1715 Fleet, an important assemblage of choice coins with clear dates recovered from 1715-Fleet wreck sites, including a 1714J 8 escudos that was photographed in the famous January 1965 National Geographic article that first brought fame to the 1715 Fleet (lot 3). The section then continues with other gold cobs struck by Spanish and Spanish colonial mints across all periods and reigns.

The Shipwreck Ingots section contains many gold, silver, and copper ingots of various weights and shapes representing the sporadically ill-fated means of transporting the wealth of the Americas across the Atlantic Ocean. Three gold “finger” bars and seven(!) large silver ingots represent the ever-popular Atocha, while the historically important “key bar” from the “Tumbaga wreck” plated in both Armstrong’s and García-Barneche’s books is offered as lot 88.

Shipwreck Coins has an array of silver coins recovered from wrecks like the Capitana, 1715 Fleet, Rooswijk, and SS Republic as well as gold coins from the Luz, SS Central America, and SS Brother Jonathan. Atocha collectors will want to pay particular attention to the Atocha Classics Collection, an unprecedented numismatic compilation of top-quality cobs from the Atocha, including examples of the first coinage of Lima and Potosí, plus dated Potosí cobs by die variety, many quite rare.

The Mexico Silver Cobs section commences with The John Pullin Collection of Dated Mexican Silver Cobs, a date run of all denominations where most boast pedigrees to the 1715 Plate Fleet, including a desirable 1715J 8 reales. The section continues with several Charles-Joanna “Early Series” 4 reales, shield-type 8 reales and even a Royal 1715J 8 reales (lot 407).

The Lima and Potosí Silver Cobs sections contain many rarities, like a Lima 1659V 8 reales struck using a Royal obverse die (lot 437) and an abundance of Potosí Royal coins (plus a couple Hearts), including a very rare, unholed 1704/3Y 8 reales (lot 509). The Potosí section also features many Philip II cobs this time, chief among them being a choice assayer-L 8 reales (lot 450).

In Other Silver Cobs, highlights include a Santo Domingo Charles-Joanna 2 reales (lot 542) and a Panama Philip II 1 real (lot 544), both key coins that are considered among the finest known. Ferdinand-Isabel coins from mainland Spain feature prominently.


Source: nhc.noaa.gov
There is still activity in the Atlantic, and some of it isn't too far away from us.  That system up by North Florida has a 40% chance of developing in the next 48 hours.

As a result, it looks like we'll get another bump in the surf later this week.

Source: MagicSeaWeed.com.

Take a look at Friday.

It isn't too late in the year yet.  We could still get some good storms.

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