Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2/3/11 Report - Vero Area Beaches and More

Photo of Beach at Seagrape Trail This Morning.

I wanted to give a sample of some of the Treasure Beaches in the Vero area today. The beach north of Seagrape Trial didn't look bad. It seemed pretty low and there were a couple of areas that looked promising to me. I didn't have time to check with my detector though.

There were a couple of detectorists at the beach here.

Unfortunately the water wasn't getting very far back towards the dunes. And that trucked in sand is still there.

I wouldn't be surprised if something is found on this beach.

Photo of Beach at Turtle Trail This Morning.

The beach at Turtle Trail (Corrigans) was in my judgement probably about the worst looking beach that I saw in the past couple of days. So much of that fill sand is still there.

That beach has produced a lot of finds in the past. Like at Seagrape Trail, if anything is found here, I would expect it to be in the wet sand area, and probably towards the front of that at low tide.

I would really like to see the water hit those back dunes. The last time that happened some nice eight reales were found.

I'm sure the back dunes around here still contain some coins and artifacts that won't be released until more of that fill sand is removed.

Photo of Beach at Wabasso Looking South Towards Disney This Morning.

I really thought this beach would be better. There were some low spots out front worth checking, but it was not what I expected.

This beach has been deeply eroded for quite a while, The problem is that the eroded sand is beach renourishment sand.

Again, it is worth checking out - especially the low spots in the low tide zone.

Photo of Cut at John Brooks Park This Morning. Submitted by Ian A.

John Brooks has some pretty good cuts. The water was coming up over the top of yesterdays cuts in some areas and then washing back down.

It doesn't look like the erosion increased much since yesterday.

Unfortunately the wind had shifted and the waves were hitting the beach pretty directly from the east. I'd don't really like the direction of the wind right now and hope it becomes more northerly before this is over.

Peak seas are predicted for tomorrow - peaking at about 7 feet, then decreasing a little on Saturday. That should be pretty good for weekend detecting.

It will be good to get out at low tide when the seas decrease again.

I'm leaving my TCTBDC Rating at 2. Maybe I'll be able to increase that some after tomorrow but will have to wait and see.

Spyder reports "a large dune burn area located at the first major parking area south of Sebastian inlet."

A reader of Kovels Komments said, "In response to the February 23 Kovels Komments: "You mentioned some places in the home where people sometimes hide 'Treasures.' Another good place to look is in the old 'clothes chutes' where laundry items could be dropped to the basement. Check for nails inside the chute that have string on them. I knew a guy who found a plastic bottle at the end of the string with $500 cash in it."


On a completely different topic:

Amazing! One minute I'm reading about the horrors of looters desecrating some one's sacred heritage by collecting stone tools that were left behind and then the next minute I'm reading about archaeologists digging up human remains and removing the skeletons. The horror expressed by archaeologists at looters for disturbing the most common artifacts stands in striking contrast to the treatment of actual human remains by archaeologists. What mental gymnastics, intellectual blindness, faulty thinking, or brain washing can create such obvious inconsistency and blatant hypocrisy in such a large number of an entire profession. It doesn't speak well for the profession or the educational system.

I won't prolong this rant. Decide for yourself. Read an article or two by an archaeologist talking about "looters," and then read the following.

I received an interesting chart of some landmark finds on the trail of the Atocha. I'll show that sometime soon.

Happy hunting,