Friday, March 4, 2011

3/4/11 Report - Seven Foot Seas Continuing & Atocha Artifact Plot

Atocha Artifact Plot.

I received this the other day from the Mel Fisher Organization via email.

Recently they have been hitting coins or artifacts on about half of their holes in previously unexplored territory. That is an unusually good hit rate and indicates that they are probably in the right area to make a lot more good finds.

There are lots of Portuguese Man-O-War on some of the beaches. Jensen Beach really had a lot, as did Fort Pierce South Beach.

If you don't know about those purple jellyfish, they have tentacles that sting. They can give a pretty painful rash if you come into contact with the tentacles.

Portuguese Man O' War on Jensen Beach This Morning.

If you normally hunt near the water barefoot, consider either wearing something on your feet or being very careful. They'll come in pretty much hidden by the white water and the tentacles can wrap around your ankles. That can be very uncomfortable.

If you want to learn more about them, here is a link.'_War

Meat tenderizer is said to be a good treatment, as are several others. Rub the meat tenderizer on the skin wherever contact was made.

I showed a few beaches yesterday to give an idea of how the Treasure Coast beaches are developing.

One of the Better Cuts Found on the Treasure Coast This Morning.

Last night this area eroded a little more. Most of the cutting,though, was done before that.

The seven foot seas helped a few of the beaches last night, but not greatly. This four foot cut is not unusual, but most beaches are not eroded that much, and some aren't eroded at all.

Timothy T. was out yesterday in the Vero area and reported, Riomar was pretty flat with some usual scallops but I found some long 1 foot cuts near South beach and even a small spot with a good 4 foot cut between SB and Riomar... By the Holiday Inn in Vero Beach the waves were coming up high enough to hit the seawall but really no cuts to speak of yet. Lot of erosion however as the water drainage by Ocean Grill is well into the ocean right now.\

Good information. Thanks for the report Timothy.

I always appreciate reports like this because I can't be everywhere. In fact, I hardly can find enough time to tie my shoes.

The good news is that the seven foot seas will continue through today and tomorrow. It is doing a little good in some spots, but not a great deal Most of the good erosion that I've seen occured the day before.

The bad news is the east/southeast winds. That means that we're not getting those good waves that slice in from the north. The waves were hitting pretty much straight on this morning.

I'm sticking with a 2 rating on my TCTBDC (1-5) Scale. The conditions have improved a little but not a great deal. The best beach looks very good, but I just don't think it is down to the good stuff yet. Too much of that old sand accumulation to go through. And there is still a lot of sand out in front of the beach, which keeps the heavier materials covered and protects the beach from the wave energy.

The southeast winds that we had are probably also responsible for the Man O' War.

After Saturday, it looks like the waves will begin to gradually decrease again.

Happy hunting,