Monday, March 7, 2011

3/7/11 Report - Deteriorating Detecting Conditions on Treasure Coast

Vero South Beach Last Weekend.

Photo submitted by Timothy T.

This is looking south towards Sandy Point, which you can see in the distance. Notice the sea grass. That indicates that the last high tide was adding sand, not removing sand. That also means that the best time for hunting that cut is probably past, unless another high tide starts removing sand again. Timothy reported a few modern era finds from here.

As you may know there is an old Spanish treasure shipwreck off of Sandy Point. The beach at Sandy Point is not very often detected because it is a long walk from parking, and as the name suggests, there is a lot of sand there.

I received photos of Corrigans from a couple of people. No cuts there.

A few days ago I mentioned that Seagrape Trail looked better than Turtle Trail.

A South Hutchinson Island Beach This Morning.

I also mentioned the recent south winds, which it appears, started to fill in the beaches that were previously cut.

Notice the new sand and shells. That is typical of what I saw this morning. No signs of any new erosion.

Jensen Beach was filling in too.

Below is the beach that had four foot high cuts for a few days. You can see that it is filling in. Now the cut is two feet or less. You can see how the cliff has rounded off - being filled with new sand at the bottom.

Deteriorating Cut.

Again, notice the sea weed. It was very mushy sand here.

A NASA rocket failed on take-off and splashed into the Pacific last week. The last I read, it hadn't been found. That seems hard for me to believe. The project cost 424 million. Maybe someone could get something for salvaging that.

I suppose if anyone could get to it, NASA would have. But who knows. Maybe a goof future sources of salvage income could be derived form retrieving things like this.

Utah considers return to gold and silver coins.

Forecast and Conditions.

The south winds brought in new sand and shells. There was one very good spot for shelling just south of the Fort Pierce inlet.

I'm downgrading my TCTBDC Scale rating back to a 1 again. Most of the good spots that cut last week have aready deteriorated. That is pretty much what you can usually expect from south winds.

The wind has shifted again and is coming from the north this morning, but it looks like we'll only have seas running three to four feet for the next week or so. That is not very promising.

Happy hunting,