Wednesday, March 2, 2011

3/2/11 Report - Early Detecting Conditions Evaluation for the Treasure Coast

One Treasure Coast Beach This Morning Around High Tide

Since the wind shifted I wanted to go out and see what was happening to the beaches. I wondered if the beaches were beginning to erode yet.

As you can see from the photo, the beach above had some movement of sand and developed some scallops and small cuts. I didn't think it looked very promising though, and did a few quick sweeps that did nothing but confirm that suspicion.

The first beach that I looked at this morning (not shown) had nothing more than some very small cuts - just a few inches high at most. But on a more positive note, the sand in front of those cuts was rather well packed and firm.

That beach was just starting to erode but wasn't looking like it would do much more very quickly. A few modern coins and other items were accumulating just below the small cut.

The second beach I visited is the one you see below. It was cut from two to four feet for a few hundred yards.

The sand in front of the cuts was mushy here and under just a few inches of sand were shell piles containing some small pieces of older aluminum. Otherwise there weren't many targets on this beach. Of course that is often the case when cobs are found. But in my opinion this beach looked a lot better than it really was.

Another Treasure Coast Beach This Morning Around High Tide.

I took a look at five different beaches this morning and they varied all the way from one that was accumulating sand to one with four-foot cuts. Every beach was in a different state. I'm assuming that what I saw this morning on those five beachs is what you'll find all along the Treasure Coast - some beaches barely affected and others starting to erode quite nicely.

My impression is that any of these beaches will have to lose more sand before things get very good, but the seas haven't peaked yet and we have some days of rough seas still ahead.

Due to the large amount of sand on the beach fronts, it will take a while for the cuts to become very productive.

I was actually impressed by the one beach that was already so deeply eroded.

Maybe some of the other beaches in other counties are better than what I saw this morning.

Another surprise for me was that the beach immediately south of Fort Pierce inlet was not cut at all. In fact, it looked like it had built up some overnight.

The surf web sites are predicting rougher seas the next two days, building to a peak of about seven feet on Friday and Saturday. That gives hope for the weekend. You never know about the angles though. As you know it is a day-by-day thing.

I do think there is enough improvement in beach conditions already to upgrade my Treasure Coast Treasure Beach Detecting Conditions Rating to a 2. I use a five point scale, with 1 being poor, and five excellent conditions.

You can use the search box to look for a more detailed explanation if you are not familiar with my rating system.

I recently mentioned the lower water levels in Florida due to draught conditions this year.and mentioned that it is a good time to look along the waterways.

Archaeologists are taking advantage of the lowered water levels to remove an old dugout canoe that was buried in the shallow mud at Weeden Island.

You might want to read more about that

Here is the link.

I think I'll leave it for that today. I'll try to keep a watch on beach development. Hopefully some of the beaches will become productive by this weekend.

I didn't get to this post until later today, so it is a little more sloppy than usual.

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