Tuesday, March 29, 2011

3/29/11 Report - Ollive Jar & More Atocha Coins Found

Intact Olive Jar Just Found on Trail of the Atocha.

The Magruder is doing well on the trail of the Atocha since they moved to a new virgin area. They found the gold chain that I showed a few days ago, and then just the other day I received an email from the Fisher organization showing this olive jar that was recently found. The olive jar is complete and unbroken and had a few seeds inside. Most olive jars aren't in that good condition when found. It is 15 inches high.

They also just found 19 more silver coins.

Quite a while ago, one person said they thought they found olive jar stoppers and asked if anyone had seen such a thing. I didn't get any answers on that. If anyone knows of such a thing or can point to mention of olive jar stoppers, let me know.

The platform boat down by the power plant was moving a lot of large crates to a barge that was brought out by a tug boat this morning. There were probably a half dozen large crate that were moved to the barge this morning.

The survey is over now and what I found out is that a lot of the readers of this blog are very experienced, yet there are also a good number of new detectorists. 35% of the respondents have been detecting 10 years or more. And 33% of the respondents have been detecting from 2 to 5 years. But there are also a good number of new detectorists - 22%. For some reason there were only 8% of the respondents in the 5 to 10 year group. But in any case, there are a lot of very experienced detectorists here and also a lot of new detectorists.

Forecast and Conditions.

A Few of Today's Miscellaneous Junk Metal Finds.

The beaches were building today but still firm in places. The new sand was covering some of the old shell piles, and there were still some shell piles exposed.

Yesterday I talked about how rain can expose things, and this morning I went out to see what might have been exposed by yesterday's rain. I found a number of Ice Age fossil pieces that were uncovered, but no really nice ones.

Someone also wrote in and said they thought they found some petrified wood. That is definitely possible. It does happen.

I detected around the shell piles today and found a number of miscellaneous pieces of metal like the pieces of copper sheeting and iron shown in the photo above. It can be worth junking around in places like that because you can run across something interesting.

The curved piece of iron is thick and heavy and is rounded off like a worn piece of sea glass, but of course that isn't what it is. I can't quite figure it out.

The wind is out of the east and the sea is calm and will remain calm for a few days. I wouldn't mind some more heavy rain. I like eye-balling anyhow, and the rain helps.

You might want to muck around and in front of the shell piles while current conditions remain.

I don't expect much change for the next few days.

Happy hunting,

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