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9/18/11 Report - Half Reale, Gold Prices & Another Super Bowl Ring Found

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Half Reale Find.

Scott made this find and submitted the photo.

He had previously found some copper sheathing and square nails. Those types of artifacts can be what I sometimes call "signal finds." They are not usually primary targets but can be important because they can be a signal, or indicator, that there might be other things in the area.

Copper sheathing, being found in thin sheets, will often be found before cobs are found. They can be found when conditions are not good enough to find cobs in numbers.

The same goes for spikes and nails. Spikes and nails are often very numerous and also found when conditions are not good enough to find cobs in great numbers. Therefore, they are also good signal finds.

One of the first steps in beach hunting old items is to locate an area that is more promising than most of the beach. Signal finds can help you do that. As I said, signal finds are often found in the same general area as cobs, but often found before cobs are found.

Other Side of Same Cob.

It looks like Scott may have found a Mexican half reale showing a Philip monogram. That is what I would guess from the photos that I received.

Unfortunately he is working the Yucatan, not the Treasure Coast. They had a few storms out in the Gulf not long ago.

The price of gold decreased earlier in the week but regained the $1800 level, closing at $1814 per ounce. Silver has done better than gold for the year, closing at slightly over $40 an ounce.

Many are expecting gold to lose ground next week.

Here is the link if you want to read more about that.

Here is another great lost and found story. A Super Bowl ring was lost in Hawaii about forty years ago and recently returned.

Here is the link.

Talking about Super Bowl rings. One was lost about twenty years ago off of a boat in the Bahia Mar marina down in Fort Lauderdale. Recovery efforts were unsuccessful at the time.

Here is a good web site that will help you quickly and easily determine the melt value of US silver coins. Just select the type of coin and the number of coins, and out comes the melt value.

A Roosevelt dime is worth about $2.87 in silver content and a Morgan Dollar just over $30 at current silver prices, for example.

Here is the link.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

After a lull in the Atlantic, there are now three areas of disturbed weather coming off of Africa. That looks pretty unusual to me. Two have a fairly good chance of developing. Of course it is too early to know what they are going to do.

From Noaa Hurricane Center.

The surf web sites say that we'll have 2.5 or 3 foot seas this weekend and through Tuesday. That's not enough to cause a significant change in conditions and not generally good enough for finding shipwreck cobs, but it could stir up the front beach a little and provide access to a few other things when the seas back off again. Maybe they'll be a few signal finds that will point you to something in the future.

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