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9/5/11 Report - More Shipwreck Wood Finds, & Lost Items Reported

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Shipwreck Plank Recovered This Weekend on a Treasure Coast Beach.

Yesterday I talked a little about shipwreck wood found on beaches or in the shallow water. I mentioned yesterday that it seems that Irene stirred up some things on the Treasure Coast even if detecting conditions for cobs and treasure coins was not greatly improved.

As I often say, when conditions are not right for one type of target,they will be right for another.

This wood had obviously been under sand for some time before being recently freed. It seems it was protected by sand for some time and then rolled in the surf a while before being deposited on the beach. It is a little over two feet long.

Study miscellaneous artifacts like this for any diagnostic signs. The corners of this wood were worn round by being tumbled in the surf. There are toredo worm holes and some toredo worm shell remains still on the wood. Notice also the holes, some evidently for square spikes.

I found iron spikes that perfectly fit those holes on the same beach a few months ago.

I received an email from Bill F. telling about some of his exciting wood finds. Bill once found a 15' piece of shipwreck timber on the beach south of John Brooks a few years ago.

And after one of the hurricanes he found a 60' ships keel on South Hutchinson Island. He said the beach was littered with keel parts. He donated the keel to the Elliott museum, and one of the well known local treasure guys verified that the donated item was indeed a ships keel. Bill eventually identified the keel as being from the "America", which grounded in the late 1800's. Bill says that the keel disappeared somehow and he never got it back.

One thing I might recommend is to loan rather than donate items to museums with any and all conditions clearly specified and acknowledged. I would have no problem loaning materials or donating materials, but only if I know they are going to be displayed or used well.

Bernie C. of the newly formed and thriving St. Lucie metal detecting club sent in these local lost and found listings that he found on Craigslist.

It would be nice if a detectorist would be able to return these items.

Lost Gopro Head camera while surfing at Dr Walter Stokes Beach (in between Jensen beach and stuart beach) $$ reward

Please help me! This camera means a lot to me and has valuable pictures on it

Call or Text Casey at 772 497 4268


PLEASE HELP!!! lost a black flip open Volkswagen car key on the beach tonight 8/4/11 looking for sea turtles. Please help! Call if you find it.



Lost and found listings can provide good leads.

Treasure Coast Beach Forecast and Conditions.

The wind is out of the south and the sea is calm today.

A lot of people were on the beach early.

I saw one other detectorist at low tide.

I detected one beach and looked at another.

The first beach had multiple targets - mostly iron though. I did eye-ball a good working watch with a broken band there.

At least there were plenty of things to dig at the first beach. Besides a lot of fairly heavy iron objects, there were some other things, such as copper sheathing.

The other beach I looked at was total mush. Didn't look worth even spending the time.

Tomorrow the surf web sites are predicting calm seas again, but on Wednesday picking up to 5.5 feet. Unfortunately it looks like the wind will be out of the east then, so it might not do us much good.

The conditions are poor for finding treasure coins, but there were a lot of beach goers and the possibility of various shipwreck artifacts.

Katia seems to be headed for the North Atlantic as predicted, but there is one other tropical wave coming off of Africa that is likely to develop. It is to far away to say much about at this point.

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