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10/27/13 Report - Gold Mickey, Silver Coin, Crotal Bells, and Surf

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14K Gold & Diamond Disney Find.
A couple of days ago I showed some Coca Cola bottles and mentioned that Coca Cola and Disney items are very collectible and easy to sell.  One reader sent in a photo of this nice dug Disney collectible that he found.

The Micky Mouse ring is 14K with diamond eyes.  If it is an employee reward or is older or rare, the collector value could be high.

Always consider the possible collector value of finds when trying to determine values, and if you are interested in selling the item, try to find collectors who would most appreciate the find.

One nice thing about selling collectible finds is that you can put them in the hands of people that will really appreciate and preserve them.

I've been off-beach the last couple of days and scouting out a historic property.  I've hunted it a little in the past and came up with a few finds including an old horse shoe, crotal bells, coins, bottles and other things going back to the 1700s.   As a result I haven't seen the beach or had much time to spend on the computer the past couple of days.  I'll have to get out to the beach to see what if anything is going on.

By the way, here is a nice web site on crotal bells.  The earliest were made in the 9th Century.

Here are just a few helpful lines from the above web site.

1400's bells were being molded rather than hammered into shape.
+/- 1500's single mold bells being formed.
1800's petal designs added to top and bottom of the bells.
Pre 1845 were generally egg shaped, slits had circular ends, the shank was drilled.
Post 1845 distinct middle ridges,
- introduction of screws or rivits through top used to attach bell to strap.
Late 1800's only lower half of bells decorated (generally).
1870's Nickel and Tin plating introduced
1940's Chroming process introduced

It is always helpful to be able to identify a date range for items.

Check out the web site.

I have noticed in recent weeks a good number of slightly older coins on some beaches lately.  A good number of wheat pennies, many of which look like they were just dropped.  It doesn't make sense to me.

Here is a 1944 fifty centavos coin found on a beach the other day by Michael E.

50 Centavos Find by Michael E.

The 1944 fifty centavos contains just under .25 ounce of silver.  That makes it worth around $2 in melt value.

We are at the time of year when the beaches usually transition from summer conditions to winter conditions.  The surf should be getting rougher on a regular basis and  we will undoubtedly be seeing more frequent erosion.  That will be a welcome change.  We've been stuck with sandy summer conditions for what seems like forever now.   Usually we get some good erosion and good hunting in October or November.

Above you can see the surf predictions for the Treasure Coast from the Magic Sea Weed web site.  We have a one to two foot surf today, but looking ahead, the chart shows a 4 - 6 foot surf a little over a week from now.

I've pointed out many times how the rough surf predicted a week or so in advance often disappears as the time approaches.  Hopefully that won't happen this time.  In any case, it does look like the surf will be increasing.

The web site also shows a very high low tide today.  The low tides haven't been going down much lately.

That is all for now.  Maybe more later.

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