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10/9/13 Report - Changing Seasons and Treasure Hunting Conditions, More on Shipping Detectors & More

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14K and Diamond Treasure Coast Beach Find.

I was in Orlando yesterday and the number of cars from the north was amazing.  It seems very early for so many snowbirds.

I've also been seeing a lot of people on the Treasure Coast beaches lately.

The seasons are changing.  That affects beaches north of South Florida more than it affects the more protected beaches down south.

Of course as our water becomes rougher, the beaches should eventually offer some improved opportunities.

We didn't have much in the way of storms this summer, so hopefully the winter conditions will be an improvement for beach detecting.

The conditions up north, such as where the Lost Merchant search area is, has already become turbulent. The area where the Lost Merchant is being hunted is not protected by a barrier reef like the Atocha and Margarita sites down south.  As a result the Dare has returned to Key West and will join the hunt for the remaining 12 tons of silver bars, thousands of silver coins, bronze cannons and all the other treasure that remains from the wreck of the Atocha as well as the tens of thousands of coins still missing from the Santa Margarita.

While the Lost Merchant wasn't found this year, much of the search area was eliminated, so they should be much closer to finding her next year.

[Info received on these Fisher sites was received from the Fisher organization via email.]

A couple of days ago I talked about shipping detectors for repair.  You generally don't need to send the rod.

In a previous post I mentioned that sometimes you can save money by using a flat rate priority postage box.  That was the case when I shipped on detector half way across the country.  But sometimes, especially if you are not shipping very far, such as to another destination in Florida, regular priority mail can be much cheaper than a flat rate box.

A few days ago I had a detector packed in a flat rate box ready to send it for repairs.  I took it to the post office and asked what the cost of regular priority mail would be.  Since the package was just being shipped in Florida, I saved almost half by using regular priority rather than the flat rate box.  It was a good nearly half, so look into the alternatives before shipping.

One thing nice about priority mail is that you get some insurance free and also free tracking.

Treasure, World & U.S. Coin Auction #14 October 30, 2013

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Karen is gone, but there is a new system coming off of Africa with a 30% chance becoming a cyclone.

Coastal erosion is threatening many Canadian archaeological sites.

Here is the link to read more about that.


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