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11/23/13 Report - Finds From St. Lucie County Land Sites, Button and Bottle Links, and More

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In recent posts I've been talking about early homesteads and sites in St. Lucie County, especially the area of the 1840s settlement known as Susanna.

William M. was kind enough to send us some photos of finds from those land sites that he and Kenneth H. talked about.

William sent in this photo of a French wine bottle seal that he found.

Here is what he said.

Most of the 1800's glass I came across in that area was broken but this is one collectible piece.
From the Medoc region of France.

Here is a link that will take you to a web site where you can learn more about applied glass bottle seals.

William also found a neat brass fork, and the flat button with English back mark also shown below.

Buttons Found at 1840s Era St. Lucie County Landsite
Finds and photos by William M.

The other two buttons are undergarment buttons from the same area.

It can be worth studying antique buttons to help identify the age of a site.

A back mark can make that process much easier.

Here is one button sites that provides a lot of nice examples of different kinds of buttons.

And here is the link to the web sites glossary.  That will also be helpful for learning about old buttons.

And here is a catalog of Civil War button back marks.

Those web sites will help you get started on learning more about old buttons.  Buttons are great collectibles, both antique and military.

As I said above, they can also be very useful in helping you to identify the age of a detecting site.

Back of Above 19th Century Button.
Find and photo by William M.

Here is one great web site for studying Spanish Colonial military artifacts, including buttons.

You can also find that link in my reference link list to the left of this post.

A 1700s mission site is being excavated in St. Augustine before a home is constructed on the site.

Here is the link to that story.

Tropical Storm Lorenzo developed out in the Atlantic, but seems to be headed away from us and is not likely to have much impact on the Treasure Coast.

It seems we are stuck with a small surf and poor beach conditions.  It has been a long time since I've been able to issue a beach conditions upgrade.

There have been a few spots of erosion, but they have been scattered and small.

October has in recent years seen some good erosion resulting in good finds.  Doesn't seem like it will happen this year.  Maybe November.  We've had some legendary November storms.

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