Thursday, October 10, 2013

10/10/13 Report - Beach Erosion and Some Localized Improved Beach Detecting Conditions.

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Cut Found on Treasure Coast Yesterday Afternoon.
The surf web sites are a big help.  You can get a good idea about what is going on at the beach if you check them out, but you will still sometimes be surprised by what you find when you actually visit the beach.

One thing I like to see is north winds.  Well yesterday we got some, and today as well.  And it caused some erosion even though the surf wasn't all that high.

The erosion occured near yesterday's high tide and continued through last night's high tide.

Here is a photo of what I found yesterday.  The cut was up to three feet high in some places, but did not extend real far.

Last night's high tide caused additional erosion.  This morning the same three foot cut had increased by a at least a foot in height and had cut back another few yards.

Here is a photo showing the biggest erosion I found this morning - over four feet.

Four Plus Foot Cut on Treasure Coast This Morning

The surf wasn't as high this morning, but I was there near low tide and that might have been the reason.  Also it is common for the wind and waves to be calmer early in the morning.

Yesterday at high tide there was part of a palm tree washing around in the surf near high tide.  Keep you eyes open for dangers like that.  Glance up once in a while to see what might be coming and look behind you once in a while.

Dark spot in front of breaking wave to the left and center is part of a log near high tide yesterday.

With the north wind yesterday, the waves were hitting the beach from the north and slicing away the beach at some places.  Other beaches were barely eroded or not eroded at all.  I suspect that more beaches were not eroded than were.  You'll have to check around to find the eroded areas.

Near low tide I ran into a cluster of coins.  The distribution seemed to indicate that they were washing out of the erosion rather than washing up onto the beach.  Quarters were up near the foot of the cut while pennies were down near the water in mushier sand.

Cut This Morning.  Notice front of beach where sand is built up.

The sand in many places, even below the cuts, was pretty mushy.

When you dig a few targets in a relatively small area look back at where you found targets to identify any patterns.  Analyze the pattern to determine where additional coins might be.

From your analysis you might decide to extend your search in one or more directions.   You might also decide to go back and detect the same ground again, slowing down and listening more carefully and for any deeper targets.  Maybe slow down your sweep speed.

When focusing on deeper coins, sweep closer on each pass than normal. slow down and listen carefully.  Don't be afraid to go over the same ground.

Surf Breasking in Front of Beach This Morning.

One day remaining to respond to the blog poll.  I'm asking this question for a reason.

The surf web site says to expect a 2 - 3 foot surf on the Treasure Coast today, with nothing higher than that until next week.

I'm not expecting much more erosion.

I was going to show some video clips rather than all the photos, but it was taking long to upload the videos.

Happy hunting,