Thursday, October 31, 2013

10/31/13 Halloween Treasure Treats, Silver Ingot, Super Bowl Ring Returned, and Increasing Surf

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Silver Ingot Sold in SedwickCoins Auction Wednesday
The first sessions of the SedwickCoins auction have concluded, but there will be more for auction on Friday in an internet only auction.  Lots in this part of the auction are generally less expensive than most of the lots in Wednesday's sessions.

The Friday lots include a number containing several cobs.  One lot offers 200 milled dollars.  Several lots offer several cobs.  There is also a breast plate listed and a variety of artifacts, such as spikes, cannon balls, etc.

The Lima, Peru, cob 8 escudos, 1703/2H, from the 1715 Fleet that I discussed a few days ago sold for $47,000.
Several other escudos sold for over $20,000.

The above  79 pound Atocha silver ingot sold for over $31,000, including premium.

I have been talking about some dug crotal bells in a couple of recent posts and just noticed this encrusted pair that sold in the auction.  They sold for over $800, including buyer's premium.

Crotal Bells Sold in Sedwick Auction.

Fort Pierce Inlet Park Beach Yesterday Morning
Above you  can see the renourished beach where they dumped tons of sand South of the Fort Pierce Inlet.  Despite the beautiful weather yesterday, it looks like project didn't result in a lot of tourist activity.  Where is everybody?   You can hear and see the grass growing on that beach.

Cut Just South of the Fort Pierce Inlet.
Just in front of all that sand was this four-foot cut.  Notice the sea weed that indicates that the sand came in since the cut occurred.

It is all renourishment sand with very few targets.

Another Beach With Tons of Sea Weed.
Here is another Treasure Coast beach that I saw yesterday - very sandy.

It looks like early next week we're going to have a 4 - 6 foot surf, and if the predictions are correct, it will last a few days and maybe get up to 7 feet.  That could certainly improve beach detecting conditions if the wind and waves are at a good angle.   That could be the welcome change we've been waiting for.

The low tides are still not going out much yet.

A stolen Super Bowl ring was found and returned after missing for decades.  An attempt was made to sell the ring back to original owner for $40,000 before police got the ring and returned it.

Here is the link for more of that story.

I saw a few silver half dollars from the lost Fort Capron payroll found in the surf near the old Fort Pierce inlet in the Sedwick Coins auction.   You might want to look that up if you don't know about that Treasure Coast treasure.

Don't forget the treasure coin auction that runs online tomorrow (Friday).

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