Tuesday, July 1, 2014

7/1/14 Report - Tropical Storm Watch on Treasure Coast, Massive Gold Nugget Found, Transpositional Errors on Cobs & Pot Shard

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Some fourth of July firework shows could get rained out.  Tropical Storm 1 has formed and a tropical storm watch is in effect from Fort Pierce to Flagler Beach.

I'm enjoying the cloudy weather.  It's nice that the sun isn't beating down all day.

Yesterday we had some nice north winds for a little while.  I'm afraid we won't really get much surf from this storm because it is north of us and the wind we get from it will be coming mostly from the south and west.


Expect a lot of rain the next few days.

Here is a massive 14.7 pound gold nugget that was found in Siberia named the "Devil's Ear."

The sifting machine kicked it out as a rock.  That, of course, set off a search for more.

It was found on what the miners thought was a very unlucky time, Friday 13 and during a full moon.

That is very good bad luck.

Below are a couple of links to that story.



Archaeologists have discovered evidence that torture occurred near Durango, Colorado 1200 years ago.  As hard as it might be to believe, it wasn't the white men that did it.  


If you ever get to Durango, take the train up to Silverton.  You'll enjoy some of the most awesome scenery as well as the historic mining town of Silverton.  It's like stepping back in time.

Odyssey Marine stock made a good move Monday after a lot of analyst downgrades and a long decline.  They must be expecting improved 2nd quarter results.

And GoPro which went public at around $28 a few days ago is now up to over $46.  I mentioned them a couple of days ago and their plan to become start a media channel.

Spanish colonial cobs like modern coins occasionally show errors.  One common error that you might see is a transposition.

The castles normally appear in the upper left and lower right quadrants on the cross and shields.  However you will occasionally find the position of the lions and castles reversed.  That is a transposition error.

Some assayers seemed to be more prone to making those types of errors than others.

I'll discuss more cob anomalies in the future.

A few days ago I mentioned shards being found north of Vero.  Here is one.

This one was found by Philip I.

Thanks for sharing Philip.

I'll be taking a look at some beaches to see what is going on and will post some photos.

Happy hunting,