Thursday, July 3, 2014

7/3/14 Report - Arthur Heads Towards North Carolina Treasure Beaches, 1711 Royal Escudo and 1953 Class Ring Returned

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royal cob Gold Royal Cob Sheds Light on Spanish Colonial Coinage and Highlights Heritage World Coin Results
1711 Royal
Source: CoinWorld.  See link below.

This Felipe V 1711 gold Royal Cob 8 Escudos, MXo-J, graded MS64 PCGS, sold at a Heritage World and Ancient Coin Auction for over $293,000.

...this coin sheds a little light on the way coins of this period transitioned from hammered to milled coinage and offers up some interesting questions about exactly how and why “Royal Cobs” were made and used during the Spanish Colonial Period.

Here is an article about a college class ring that was returned after being lost 60 years.  It was lost in 1954 in a Texas lake.  The recent drought caused the water of the lake to go down and the ring was found on the surface - no detector.

1953 Class Ring Returned
Source: Daily Mail link.

That story reminds us to keep your eyes open while detecting and also to watch for special opportunities.  It doesn't matter whether it is high water, low water, or what, many different types of events can provide new opportunities.

Also, isn't it interesting that the ring didn't sink or get covered, but was found on the surface after all that time.   A rocky surface can do that. 

Fabien Cousteau just emerged after 31 days under water in the Florida Keys.

Since we're not going to be getting much from Arthur on the Treasure Coast, I looked at the surfing web sites for North Carolina and found one location "Blogue Pier" that had up to a sixteen foot surf predicted.  On top of that, the wind at the time was predicted to be from the North all day.

It looks like the guys that hunt the Outer Banks will be getting ready to hit the treasure beaches up there.

Good luck guys. I won't make it this trip.

We're going to have a few more days of one-foot surf.

Happy hunting,