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7/13/14 Report - Sedwick Consignments Called For, SDC 2300, Two Different Assayer Initials & Overstruck Assayer Intials.

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Potosi Two Reale With Assayer Initial Over Struck.

I've been talking about cob anomalies a good bit lately.  One day I mentioned overstrikes.

Here is an example on a Potosi two-reale.  The assayer initial B is struck over L.

The B (initial for Juan de Ballesteros Narvaez 1577-1586 was struck over the L of one of his lieutenants or assistant assayers.  B over C overstrikes are also known. 

The pictured example is shown in Menzel's book, Cobs, Pieces of Eight and Treasure Coins.

Received this from Sedwick's.   If you have items you want to auction off, it is time to consign for the November 5 and 6 auction.

Sometimes you will see two different assayer initials on a single cob.  Unlike the one shown above where the one was over struck by the other, sometimes both initials appear at different locations on the cob.

When you have two different assayer initials on the same cob, it is not an error.  There were sometimes two or more assayers working at the same mint at the same time.  There would be assistants, or as described above, lieutenants.

I have some pictures of cobs with two different assayer initials on the same side, but they aren't very good.  I'll try to find better pictures of that.

Sewall Menzel says the initial of the senior assayer's initial would normally appear alone on the obverse (cross) side of the cob. 

I also received a press release announcing availability of the SDC2300.

The SDC 2300 is a high performance mid-range gold detector. This all-terrain, assembly-free detector is portable, compact, and waterproof and features Minelab’s improved MPF (Multi Period Fast) technology enabling detectorists to find elusive sub-gram nuggets on land and underwater.

Kellyco Detectors ships quickly.  A detector ordered on Monday was received out-of-state on Wednesday. 

Here is a good look at a nice cob.

Jonah's tomb smashed by ISIS.

Shipwreck hunters found an Air Force plane that went down in 1953 in Lake Ontario.

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