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7/27/14 Report - Treasure Beaches Report Readers Make Metal Detecting Finds Around the Country and Around The World

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I feel like I gave you a lot of very good information in my last two posts.  There is a lot to digest there.  Today I thought I'd give a lot of good finds to look at.  The following were all found by Goldnugget on a North Carolina beach.  Wouldn't you like to have a spot like that?

All of these finds and photos were by Goldnugget at the same beach location.

He was using an Excal.

Not only do people from other states read this blog but also some from other countries.

Once I wrote about the floating coil on my Whites Dual Field.

Ron J., from Germany wrote recently to say that you can purchase weights for that  coil when you want to use it underwater.  Whites also has a weighted coil that goes with the detector.  It is your choice at purchase.

Ron also said,  I will return to the Treasure Coast in October.  Thanks to your ideas about research. I found in Stuttgart Germany a  "Schrebergarten" (garden plots rented from the city) that had been removed last year.
Today I hunted there and found a metal badge from the  Deutsche Turn Fest Stuttgart 1933.  I  put that into Google and there are many photos of the of the event in the form of old post cards for sale.
Very interesting photos showing what was going on here with the NS movement.   Also on ebay there is the same badge for sale in good (looks new) for around 11 euros.
 The wife and I had a very pleasant afternoon learning some of our local history.
 All thanks to things I learned from you.
 Can't wait to get back to the BEACH! 
Metal detecting brings a lot of people to the Treasure Coast, not only domestic but international as well.  It can be a family activity and gets people interested in history and archaeology.  It is a shame that so many government officials that don't understand the many benefits don't support it.

There is nothing significant going on in the Atlantic.   On the Treasure Coast we'll have more smooth seas and no improvement in beach detecting conditions.

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I plan to do more similar tests.  One will be on detecting cobs.

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