Tuesday, July 8, 2014

7/8/14 Report - Fort Harrel Found (?), Horse Shaped Cob & Biting Great Whites and Noseeums

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Cob Shaped Like Horse
Source photo: Sewall Menzel's book
Cobs, Pieces of Eight, and Treasure Coins.
Cobs were formed in a variety of fanciful shapes.  Hearts are most common.  A Sedwick auction had an entire group of those. 

Besides hearts, or pomegranites, other cobs were shaped like horses, birds or arrows. 

The precise reason for these oddly shaped cobs is not known.   Some think they were special favors used as jewelry and some believe they were used for religious puposes.

Many had holes so they could be worn.

Sewall Menzel believes that they were not "made at the mint."   That doesn't seem right to me, but he knows a heck of a lot more about it than me.

He wonders if one example was made as a joke or at the whim of a public official.  This is one of those things that you can wonder about but will probably never know.

Section of Gold Chain Found

It is possible! If you do your research you can go out there and find a historic site that has been lost for a century or more.  That is what recently happened.

A high school chemistry teacher, a computer engineer and a U. S. National Park Service Employee recently found what could be the site of Fort Harrel in the Everglades.


Reading can help.  You never know where you'll find that important clue.  Then they did some more reading and put in some hard time looking.

I don't think most detectorists do much research at all.  Many just go out to the beach to get some exercise.  Nothing wrong with that, but if you want to make new discoveries research will definitely help.

Here is an extensive list of Seminole War forts.


You might take some insect repellant the next time you go to the beach.  The noseeums haven't been as bad as I've seen them, but they have been out there.   One got inside my ear phone cup the other day and chewed my ear up.   That was a first for me.   They've eaten me before, but not from the inside of my ear phone. 

They seem to be bad when the sand gets wet from rain.  And as you know that has been happening.

Watch out for lightening too.  We had a lot of lightening yesterday.

Here is an article about a fellow that got bit by a Great White.  Creatures can decide to take a bite out of you.  Beware.


And here is an article about the NSA accumulating and saving messages by regular people who were not targeted.


The surf on the Treasure Coast is running around two feet.  The tidal change is modest.

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