Wednesday, July 2, 2014

7/2/14 Report - Beach Conditions Check. Tropical Storm Arthur Gives Us Some Rain and Heads North.

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The Only New Cut That I Found Yesterday.

I took a look at the beaches yesterday just after high tide.   The tropical storm didn't do much of anything on the Treasure Coast other than spin off some rain.

At one beach I found some cuts, if you can call them that.  All were less than six inches high.

At another beach was an old cut that continued to slip away.  It was not caused by the tropical storm.

Here is another beach showing absolutely no new cuts.

I wasn't at all surprised by the lack of erosion or cuts.  

The tides haven't been big, but more importantly the surf on the Treasure Coast only got to about two feet.

I don't expect much out of this one anywhere in Florida. Maybe it will do some good up on the Outer Banks. 

For us, it seems like all it will do is mark the beginning of storm watch season.

We had a good bit or rain.  I detected a little yesterday, but stopped for a little while when there was lightening.

The rain never stops me.  I prefer rain to bright hot sun, but thunder and lightening is another matter.  Be safe.

I looked at the predictions on the surfing web sites and even as far north as Jacksonville, not much more than a two foot surf is expected this week.

Here is a good and very complete report and forecast for the next few days for Arthur from Florida all the way up the coast.

Source: Link below.

Looks like it will get rougher in North Carolina late Thursday.

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