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4/1/15 Report - Cannon Ball Found On Beach. Cannon Fuses. Drained Lake. Easter To Bring Bigger Surf.

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Granite Cannon Ball From Spanish Armada
Found On Beach
Source of photo: article link immediately below.

This cannon ball was found on a beach in Ireland by a man out for a walk.  He said, it was just sitting up there waiting to be found.
We’ve had a number of items discovered recently because of the winter storms with them washing up then on the spring tide ...  It really was as simple as that, I’ve been walking on that beach all my life and never found anything before, it’s quite incredible.
 Four wrecks from the Spanish Armada sank just off shore.

Here is the link for the rest of the article.


Mid 1800s Cannon Fuses and Percussion Caps
From the 17th Sedwick Treasure Auction catalog now online.
I always like to see something different.  It is good to be familiar with things like this in case you ever dig one up.


What Was Uncovered When A Lake Was Drained.
This is the type of thing that makes me drool.

Here is the link for more about that.


August Beach. 
It looks like it but
April Fools!  Its really this morning.

The Treasure Coast beach conditions now are more like late summer beach conditions.  Really poor!   Sand is piled up on the beach fronts almost everywhere.

Notice the bathtub-like shallow water in the picture above.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a one-foot surf again.  That makes for very easy water hunting.  Too bad there is so much sand.

Notice the pipes at the back of the beach in the above picture.  I think they began this project and or some reason quit for a while, but it looks like they will start up again before long.  I don't know what that is all about.

Below is a quick video of one Treasure Coast treasure beach this morning.

I did see a lot of shells along the high tide mark at one beach.

On Easter Sunday the surf is supposed to increase.  The prediction is for something in the range of 4 - 7 feet.  That will be a very welcome change.   It is supposed to last for a few days too! 

Tomorrow will be a good chance to water hunt, but what I'm really hoping for is some good surf action that hits the beach just right.

I'll get back to talking more about peripheral sensitivity in the near future.

Happy hunting,