Tuesday, April 28, 2015

4/28/15 Report - Seven Gold Ring Metal Detecting Day of The Past. Keeping Photo Records. Beach Renourishment In Progress.

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The Results Of A Good Four Hour Hunt From Back In The Day.

Back in the day I made a lot of mistakes.  I learned from many of them.  But I also did a few things right.

One thing I'm glad I did was take pictures of my finds.  One reason I did that is because I didn't keep them around the house, so after I found a few I would take them to the bank.  It was good to have the pictures at home.

It is always good to keep records.  And pictures help a lot.

I just came across some of those old pictures.  I noticed a few that showed the finds of a single hunt.

Above is one of those.  I remember the day well.  Although I didn't write down the date or location as I should have, the picture brings it back.

The finds include seven gold rings, two of which are class rings, a couple gold ear rings, some silver, and a bunch of coins.

Notice the ratio of coins to gold rings.   When you get a really good cut you'll often get a lot of coins.  Notice also that some of the items show some age.  That is another common sign of a good promising accumulation. 

I have a good recollection of what the beach was like that day and even where some of those specific items were dug.

These items came from below an unusually good cut.  The cut and the good hunting lasted two days and then suddenly disappeared again.

I was lucky that I found the cut before it disappeared.  That is the benefit of being out there a lot.  When an unusually good opportunity comes up, you have a better chance of catching it.

I hunted for four hours the first evening.  I should have stayed longer.  That was a mistake.  Make hay while the sun shines.  I guess I've always been a bit casual about my hunting - in some ways.

Usually I didn't photo the results of single hunts.  I would usually accumulate finds for maybe a week or two or three, depending upon how fast they were being made.

I recommend keeping photographs of finds along with dates and locations.  That can help you select detecting sites, but it also helps you relive those fun hunts.

We all take a lot of photos these days.  So many that we can't keep track of them.  Many end up getting lost.  Some get lost as technology changes or as computers or cameras are replaced.  That is the fate of many of our digital photos.  I think it is a good idea to get prints of those that you hope to keep for years to come.

When you look back on experiences like that with the benefit of the knowledge that you have more recently acquired, you can learn even more from them.


The Sedwick TREASURE, WORLD and U.S. COIN AUCTION #17 will go live on the internet on Wednesday, April 29, beginning at 10:00 AM EDT for Session I.   If you want to bid you have to register, but if you don't plan to bid it can still be fun to watch.


I got some emails concerning beach detecting etiquette.  I'll get into that more some other day.  One thing I'll say now is that everybody mentions the importance of filling all holes.  One person said, act like you are on video all of the time.  That sounds like a good idea.


Below is what I saw at the beach this morning.

One of the Treasure Coast's Beautiful Unspoiled Natural Beaches This Morning.
It rained a lot along the Treasure Coast today.  I got rained out.  I forgot to take my waterproof headphones and with the rain and poor conditions just took a look at a few beaches.

It looks like we'll have a few more days of calm surf, then possibly a bump up after a front comes through Thursday.  The predictions now are for something like four to six feet.  I'll be watching that, of course.

Happy hunting,