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4/4/15 Report - $100,000 1715 Fleet Gold Bar. Charles Garrett Gone. More Palm Beach Renourishment.

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Unique $100,000 1715 Fleet Gold Bar
Photo source: Sedwick online auction catalog.

This Peruvian 2148-gram 20K gold bar from the 1715 Fleet with tax stamp and other markings requires a starting bid of $100,000.

The really neat thing to me about this brick is the incomplete melting of the cobs or whatever it is made of.  You can see some of those in the photo.

It seems to date to the reign of Charles V and the early 1500s.

The item is lot number 252 in the current SedwickCoins auction.

Online bidding has begun.


Photo Of Beach In Front Of Mar-a-Lago
Photo by Joe D.

Joe said, Yesterday I went on the beach in front of Trumps and the surrounding area, but finding beach access in this area is difficult to the say the least! This is one of the few areas that has not, as of yet, had beach renourishment! Lots of iron due to rotting groins, and the sand is building! There was some previous erosion (see pics), but nothing but some older encrusted clad! Had to be mindful of the "private" beach so I didn't attract unwanted attention from staff!

 Definitely favor beach hunting (less kneeling and bending), but with near eight foot depth by 200 foot width of renurishment sand being place, it looks like beach hunting will be about done here for a while! 

Notice the tops of the old groins showing. 

One of my best hunting spots was between some old rotting groins in South Florida.  They have now been covered up by tons and tons of sand.

That is one good picture Joe!  Thanks.

Renourishment Project
Photo by Joe. D.


A big name in metal detecting just passed away.   Any serious detectorist knows the name Charles Garrett.  If you don't own a Garrett detector, you've read his books and articles.

Mitch King sent me the following link to his obituary.


There was a beautiful full moon out last night.  Easter is the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox.

That tells you something.   I suppose man has closely observed nature's cycles as long as he has walked the earth.  There are always some people who observe things more carefully.  Those that observed most carefully often won a special role, maybe as shaman, priest or elder.

Holidays punctuate the year and provide cherished memories.  I have many and you probably do too.

If you don't celebrate Easter at this time of year you probably celebrate something - maybe Passover, which is intimately connected with and foreshadows Easter.  It all ties together.  Even Easter bunnies and eggs hint of new birth. 


The most read post of February was the 2/22/15 Report - New Authoritative Research On The Gold Pelican-in-Piety Of The 1715 Fleet. 

That one contained the most recent research by author Laura Strolia.  If you missed it you might want to go back and read it.

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There are literally hundreds of posts in this blog now.  They are still available.  You might find the search box on the first page useful.


\The surf today (Saturday was only one - two feet.  Easter it will be more like three or four feet, and Monday just a touch higher.

Happy Easter,