Wednesday, April 29, 2015

4/29/15 Report - Another Good Metal Detecting Day Of The Past Photographed. Nice Antique Lock Found. Strange Surf Prediction.

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Finds From Another Four-Hour Hunt.
Yesterday I showed finds from one hunt.  I told you that that cut lasted for two days.  This is the other day's finds at the same location.  That makes 13 gold rings in two days and eight hours of hunting.

Although they were good, those two days weren't my highest totals.  They aren't near the highest quality either.  It was one of my better days back in the early years.  It was fun.  I'll see if I have photos from any of the bigger days.  Like I said yesterday, I usually didn't photograph single days.  And there were years I didn't photograph finds at all.  Too bad!  I just happened to find these two.

I can't remember for sure whether this was the first or second day at the same location.  I should have written the date on the back of the photos.

There were six gold rings found this day.  The five in the front are gold as well as one that is back a bit.  Also some silver items.  I especially liked the remains of a fancy old locket or reliquary or whatever that can be seen at the foot of the cross.  It is silver and very ornate.  Too bad part of it is missing.

I did this two hunt in four hours after work one evening.  I should have stayed at it longer.  When I left there was more remaining.  But after I left after the second day a front came through and it all disappeared by the time I returned the next day.

After the first day I told Kevin Reilly (now deceased) of Reilly's Treasured Gold about it, and he showed up with a buddy and they worked for a little while down the beach a little ways.

Notice the crusty coins and earrings.  The coin/jewelry ratio is similar to that of the day I showed yesterday.


Same Lock After Cleaning.
Lock Dug By Dan B.

Dan B. dug this very nice lock.

Nice find Dan!

And good cleaning job too.

Dan said sometimes the best cleaner is elbow grease.

I recommend removing as much dirt, crust or corrosion as you can safely do by physically removing it.  Be careful though.  You don't want to scratch or damage a nice old item.

Even if you are going to use some other type of cleaning, chemical or electrical, remove as much of the surface stuff as you can first.  That will allow you to better assess what you have and what you need to do.  It will also allow any chemicals to do their job.

I've had items that were so encrusted that even acid wouldn't touch the item because of the crust, so the crust had to be removed first.  You really shouldn't choose another method until you can see enough to know what you are dealing with anyhow.


Gold Coin In Stacks Bowers Rarities Auction.

This gold coin is lot 50 in the current Stacks Bowers Rarities auction.  It has a current bid of $22,000.

There are a lot of really nice early U. S. coins in this auction.  You might want to browse though the auction listings to see what you might want to find or just get an idea of values.

Click her to see the auction listings.



We have a strange looking chart for the predicted surf for Fort Pierce.  I don't believe I've seen one that looked like that before.  I really doubt if it happens that way, but I'll sure be looking for it.

Look at that flat period between the 4-6 foot surf predicted or the sixth and eight of May.

I'm betting that won't happen, but I'd sure like t see it.

Happy hunting,