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4/27/15 Report - Detectors Every Where On The Beach. Civil War Pinfire Cartridge & Unique Coin Found.

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Civil War Era Pinfire Cartridge
Fnd and photo by William M.

Another View of Pinfire Cartridge
Find and photo by William M.

William M. is still working inland and doing very well.  Here is one very nice find.  He says it could be a Civil War era 12 millimeter pinfire cartridge.

Can any of you Civil War guys put there give more information on that - maybe what the numbers mean.

Below are a couple pictures of an unusual coin that William Found.

That coin might get you excited when you first see the lions and shield.

The coin is bronze and is from Guernsey.  It is an 8 Doubles.

Guernsey is a possession of the British Crown.  It is a small island in the English Channel, off the coast of Normandy.

1949 8 Doubles
Find and photo by William M.
1949 8 Doubles
Find and photo by William M.

That is an unusual coin to be found on the Treasure Coast.

It is probably worth a few dollars.

Coinquest tells more about that coin.  Here is the link.

Those are two interesting finds from the following that were dug by William.

Inland Finds By William M.
I went to the beach this morning near low tide.  There were five other detectorists there that I saw.

That is why the Treasure Coast beaches are so clean, along with the very poor detecting conditions.

Treasure Coast Beach This Morning Near Low Tide.
Notice the smooth water.  I saw a small group of manatees going north.

Same Beach 
There is very little junk on this and other Treasure Coast beaches now.  It seems I must have finally convinced people to pick up the junk.

I pulse induction detector and NO discrimination this morning.  Junk that I dug this morning included no pull tabs, one bottle cap, one piece of an old can, a screw, and not much else.  Good targets out-numbered junk.  That is the way it should be.

All of my good targets this morning were fairly deep.


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We're supposed to have another week of small ( 1 - 2 foot) surf.   We aren't getting negative tides now.

Still looking for additional thoughts or experiences on beach detecting etiquette.

Happy hunting,