Saturday, April 25, 2015

4/25/15 Report - Current Beach Conditions. $10 Million Gold Tablet. 2000-Year-Old Owl Clasp. Iridescent Coin Toning.

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A Typical Treasure Coast Beach This Morning Near Low Tide.
Treasure Coast beach conditions remain poor.  On top of that, most are over-hunted.

There was a cluster of targets below the high tide mark at the beach shown above.  I saw the spot as promising as soon as I looked at the beach.  It wasn't very obvious, but did show the subtle signs.

Most signals there were what I've been calling "marginal."  By that I mean they could have easily been missed if you worked too fast.  Most of the targets, both junk and good, were deep.

I got tired of digging deep holes, but did find one piece of gold, which helped.

I checked a few beaches this morning.  At the first beach I didn't see any promising spots and didn't detect much before moving on.

The beach shown in the above quick video clip, is one that I didn't bother detecting at all.  The video does give a good idea of the sand and surf conditions though.


A $10 million gold tablet, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, was obtained by a holocaust survivor after WW II is being claimed by a museum that held the tablet before the war.

Ancient Gold Tablet Worth $10 Million.
Source: link below.


Here is a neat 2000 year-old bronze and enamel Roman owl clasp.  I remember an enameled gold ring I found on a Treasure Coast treasure beach years ago.  Back then I didn't know that enameled items were of the time period and wrongly assumed when I dug the item that it was recent, but enameled items can actually be much older than our Spanish shipwrecks.  That is why you should be familiar with things like this.  It helps to have an idea of the age of items when you dig them.

Here is the link to the article about the owl brooch.

Enameled Roman Bronze Brooch.
Source: cphpost link below.


You might remember that not long ago I did a post about toning on coins.  Here is an article on iridescent toning. The commonly accepted definition involves lustrous toning in which the color pattern changes with the viewing angle of the coin.

In the distant past I showed one nice dug silver coin with very nice iridescent toning.

Here is a link to the article on iridescent toning.

Nickel With Iridescent Toning.
Source: cointalk link above.

I need to hear from people who have some ideas about beach detecting courtesy.  

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